About Us

We are a small, family oriented club located at 58 Riverside Drive.

Please call the club at (401) 816-0811 with any questions.

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Weekly Update

Monday September 4th 

Labor Day Cookout

Youth Festivities, Monday afternoon.

Cookout at 5:00


Thursday Night August 31th Potluck.

Mexican Night

6:00PM at the clubhouse.

Pool open until 8:00

Join us for the final Thursday evening potluck of the summer! Our theme this week is Mexican Night. Grab some guacamole and chips along with your favorite Mexican foods-tacos, burritos, chimichangas, taco salad, tamales, quesadillas, enchiladas, sopapillas and come on down to TYC for a fun evening with great food!   And Don’t forget the TEQUILA 


Thursday Night August 24th Potluck.

Surf & Turf Night

6:00PM at the clubhouse.

Pool open until 8:00

Please bring a dish to share.  Theme presented here is a suggestion, feel free to bring whatever you wish.

A theme of ocean and land -  The best of both worlds. Seafood dishes with favorites like shrimp cocktail, and crab cakes. Other options might include a  hearty seafood stew. For meat dishes, options such as steaks, burgers or chicken. The grills will be on! Side dishes can be just as diverse and exciting, with options ranging from roasted vegetables and grilled asparagus to baked potatoes and homemade mac and cheese.


Thursday Night August 17th Potluck.

Sandwiches & Salad Night

6:00PM at the clubhouse.

Pool open until 8:00

Please bring a dish to share.  Theme described here is merely suggested.

A variety of colorful and delicious salads made with fresh vegetables, fruits, and herbs, tossed with flavorful dressings. Some popular salad options might include a classic Caesar salad, a Greek salad, a kale salad with avocado and quinoa, or a fruit salad with berries and honey-lime dressing.In addition to the salads, guests can also expect to see a variety of sandwiches made with different types of bread, meats, cheeses, and spreads. Some popular sandwich options might include a classic BLT, a turkey and avocado sandwich, a grilled cheese with tomato soup, or a veggie sandwich with hummus and roasted vegetables.


Thursday Night August 10th Potluck.

Italian Night

6:00PM at the clubhouse.

Pool open until 8:00


Enjoy the  taste of the different regions and flavors of Italy. Some popular options might include pasta dishes such as spaghetti with meatballs, fettuccine alfredo, or lasagna. Appetizers like bruschetta or antipasti platters can also add to the festive atmosphere. Main course dishes such as chicken parmigiana, osso buco, or risotto. And of course, no Italian meal is complete without pizza!  And don't forget the wine! Italy is famous for its wine, so be sure to have a variety of reds, whites, and prosecco on hand to pair with the meal.


August 3rd Thursday night potluck theme is Mediterranean night! Hosted by Melissa Melo  

We have some other events come up this week including a Ping Pong tournament hosted by sail training this Wednesday 7/19. This event will cross over with Wednesday night sailing's "burgers and beers" event.

How to join

Head over to the membership tab and fill out the application!


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