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Welcome to TYC Marina


The Tiverton Yacht Club operates a marina for club members only located in the Tiverton Basin at the north end of the Sakonnet River.  The Club has slips and moorings located just in front of the yacht club on Riverside Drive.

Limited dock space and moorings are available for seasonal rental to members with availability based on waiting list position. 

Dinghy space at the dock is also availabe for seasonal rental to members who are renting club moorings or have their own moorings in the Tiverton Basin.

An outer dock ("T" dock) is reserved for all Club members for short term tie-up allowing loading, washdown, repairs, etc. 

Lockers and small boat racks are available on the beach for seasonal rental.  

The Tiverton Yacht Cub has dock space that currently supports 19 boats and also has eight (8) moorings.  Boats on the dock currently range in length from 16 feet to 51 feet.  Water depth at mean-low-water ranges from 3 feet near shore to 25 feet at the outer transient dock.  Our boats on mooring currently range from 18 feet to 38 feet in length.

TYC marina will accomidate a transit boat if space is available.



The outer dock is reserved for transit members who do not lease marina slips and need to load/unload, washdown, fill water tanks, clean, etc.  The guideline is that you stay on the dock no more than ½ hour but we are flexible on the time if there is nobody waiting to use the dock. 

If you need to stay for a longer period of time such as for repairs, the Marina Chair should be notified and the Chair will find a place for you to tie up where your stay will have the least impact on the marina (such as an empty slip).  If you need to use the docks overnight, there is a charge of $0.55/foot/day.

Members may use any of the water hoses.  There are currently three water hoses on the floating docks and three spigots on the pier. There is one spigot with hose at the end of the floating docks which is primerily used by transient boats. Two of the pier spigots primarily support the sail training program boats. Be sure water has been secured at the spigots after use to avoid waist of water.  Leaks should be reported immediately to the stewards.

Also, there are two electrical power stanchions which provide limited electrical power to the floating docks.  These stanchions provide 30 amp marine connector power access and regular 110 volt, 20 amp, GFI protected power.

TYC Offers: 
Power (30 amp)
Showers in the house
Security cameras (via WEBCAM link below)

Not offered:
Long term guest tie up 

Questions about the TYC Marina should be address to the Marina Chair.




Click for Camera #2 on marina waterfront 

Dinghy Sticker Assignments
Marina Rules
TYC Marina Waiting Lists
TYC Marina Rental Rates 2022

The TYC Marina mooring field is shown to the right.  It is a geoplot based on GPS coordinates provided by the Tiverton Harbor Master.  Mooring labels are derived from the harbor master’s database.

The TYC Marina has just completed a major upgrade to the outer dock (T-dock) that will ensure secure and safe operation of our dock for many years to come. Three of the four pilings were replaced on March 26, 2021 by Borden Light Marine Contracting of Berkely, Ma. These pilings are massive poles 15" in diameter and 60' in length that were driver 20' into the Basin floor using a vibrating hydraulic head driver hanging from an 80' crane sitting on a massive barge.
The following photographs were taken during the installation process. The first shot shows one of the poles being removed from the barge and placed into the water. The second photo shows the pole, with the yellow driver mounted, being moved into position. The final shot shows the pole being driven down into the Basin floor with personnel on the dock monitoring to ensure the pole remains vertical as it descends. With the whole pole vibrating, it settled into the Basin floor in about 15 minutes including stops for depth measurements. Installation by vibration rather than by the conventional hammering process prevents damage to the pole. Total installation time for three poles, including time to remove the old poles, was about two hours.