The TYC was transformed into an Italian Bistro last night as trays of Ravioli, Chicken Parmesan, rigatoni pasta, all homemade by members, lined the serving tables that were covered in red and white gingham cloth.

Fresh garden salads and garlic bread were the first items on the table. Bowls of Vodka sauce and Pesto were nearby.

"I've never seen a line this long in years," Kristen Hughes smiled as she watched well over a hundred and fifty people form a double line as they filled their plates with fine Italian delicacies. The Italian Ice was a hit with the youngsters.

It was Italian Night at the TYC and the mood was right for an evening of friendly talk highlighted by the taste of homemade Italian foods.  For the third year, the night was co-chaired by Kristen Hughes and Ana Vicuna.  They provide the festive tablecloths for all the outside tables and placed vases with a mix of sunflowers, geraniums and Hydrangeas, on each table.  Vases of dried long pasta on the tables highlighted the Italian theme of the evening.

"It took us over an hour and a half to set up," Ana smiled. "it certainly was worth it as I see the smiles on all these faces in line."

For the seafood lovers, Jeff Caron shucked his sixty little necks.  The instrumental music was all Italian favorites.

It was one of the busiest nights of the year as sporting activities occurred in the pool, on the rear lawn and the front lawn which was home to the golfing mats and the new bean bag throw.

About fifteen youngsters participated in the pool basketball hoop contest and water contests. Thirteen-year-old Kylie won the Big Splash and the Handstand contests while twelve-year-old Jayda won the Little Splash and the cross-pool swim race tonight.

"What is going on over there?" I asked Callie Moran as I pointed to the rear lawn. Callie held the yellow pad that contained the valuable information which she wrote about the games.

"That's a new game," Calle replied. "It's called Spike Ball." We leaned over the pool fence and watched as several teens threw a ball onto a round disk and then tried to catch and run with the ball.

"When do you want me to bring the cake?" Pat Collins asked. It was Polly Ney's birthday and Pat wanted to share it with the club members.

"Give Callie and I five minutes to set up the golf mats," I replied.  We quickly brought the mats to the lawn, placed three balls and a putter on each and gave Pat the sign to bring the cake from the refrigerator. Several people were sitting with Polly at the picnic table near the door. Pat placed the large cake in front of Polly. All sang Happy Birthday as Polly blew out two candles on the cake.

A long-time member, Polly was a TYC director and active on the race committee. She enjoys her retirement spending many pleasant afternoons all season long sitting under the beach tent as she welcomes many members and guests who stop by on any afternoon. She owns a 19-foot Boston Whaler, Evergreen, that is moored on the dock. Happy Birthday, Polly, and best wishes from all your TYC friends.

Seated at Polly's table was Teresa and Jim Ryan along with Tom and Leslie Ryan.  Teresa thanked me for sending her picture to her brother in law, Attorney Clem Brown.

"Clem was at our wedding and I fixed him up with my husband's sister," Teresa began. "I was a matchmaker. They've been happily married for 44 years." She smiled and repeated, "I'm a matchmaker." Does any member need her service today?

It was after dark when a SUV pulled into the rear parking area trailing a boat. Tova Ibbotson jumped from the passenger side with a broad smile on her face.

"See my new boat," she smiled. "It's a Byte, a 12-foot sail boat that will give me a good sail in the river." I took her picture with Owen Reuther who drove her to Stonington, CT to pick the boat up yesterday, Congratulations, Tova, and happy sailing to you!

Ralph Padilla performed colors as he sounded off the cannon at sunset. That, however, did not dismiss the crowd as guests lingered for another hour.

Good news to report. The Junior Talent Show will take place on Thursday, August 2. And, it will be held on the second floor! Craig Rachupka will be the master of ceremonies. His friend will bring a Karaoke machine to use for the talent.  After the Talent Show, Karaoke will be available for all members who attend. Sounds like a fun night for all. Please email me as to the talent of your participating youngster.

Oh, no! It's that time of year again! I can hardly wait!  Next Thursday is Toga Night dba as Mediterranean Night.  Last year, I was disappointed as there were only a few members who wore Togas. Please make me happy and wear a Toga next Thursday. I'll even take your picture!

Thanks for a good night,
Jim Rogers