It wasn’t the ending that we had hoped for but it was a great Super Bowl game that brought out hundreds of fans to parties throughout the region including a gala at the TYC.  Commodore Phyllis Ibbotson sponsored the event where over thirty-five members and their guests enjoyed watching the game on the large screen television mounted on the wall over the stone fireplace decorated with Patriot memorabilia.

Chairs were arranged in a semicircle  stadium setting. The dozen higher chairs were placed in front of tables that contained assortments of dips and chips that were placed in football themed containers.
At the south end of the room  blue cloths covered tables arranged in an ell setting showcased a variety of homemade foods and desserts that were brought in by the more than thirty five guests who attended. One of the most popular dishes was made by Sue Kramer. It was a roasted vegetable entrée that contained baked round pieces of chicken.
The fact that we were never ahead(except for that one point lead that, unfortunately, did not last long), the mood of the crowd was festive. Many, including the Commodore, were dressed in Patriot’s jerseys or drank from Patriot’s plastic glasses. Eight large footballs were suspended from the ceiling. Red, white and blue bunting hung over the fireplace and the service bar which also had several small Patriot’s banner glued on it.
No one present, however, had ever been to a Super Bowl. I did a quick survey and also discovered that a few including Peter Corr, and Phyllis and Tova Ibbotson had been to a Patriot’s game at Gillette Stadium.
I also discovered that I was talking to a young girl who has a special souvenir from Gillette Stadium. Tova Ibbotson related her time as a twelve year old soccer player. She was on a state team that played at Gillette and won the championship. In the excitement of winning, she joyfully took a piece of the turf and still has it “hidden” in her
possessions today. I think the statute of limitations has expired for this happy deed!
Our eminent secretary, Joann Reuther, has also been to Gillette Stadium. Not, however, for a game for a Massachusetts Computer Conference. She noted that she received a VIP tour of the entire stadium.
Now, let's return to Tova who sat with a male friend on the higher chair. He proudly wore his Patriot’s number eleven shirt and, are you ready?
Tova wore her Eagles shirt! It was a Number 9, a Nick Foles jersey.  The only Eagle in the room! When the Eagles scored, Tova got up from her seat and did a happy dance through the room. Her face was beaming with a wide smile as she sang in a firm voice, “On the road to Victory.”  It was a delight to watch her and admire her enthusiasm for her team. Tova’s Eagle’s story goes back to her childhood when her dad took her to the Eagles games when they lived in that area. Her heartwarming story (and picture) is featured in this Sunday’s Fall River Herald News.
To counter Tova’s actions, her mom would walk around the room when the Patriot’s scored.  We know, how it ended for Phyllis and most of the guests at the party.
The loss, however, did not dim the enthusiasm of the crowd.  Most came to renew acquaintances with members whom are only seen in the summertime. It was a great occasion to bring members together and to engage in friendly conversations about their winter experiences and hopes for another great summer season at the TYC.
In a related matter, I’d like to thank the ten additional members who have ordered a brick for the brick walkway. If you would like to order a $100 brick that we will be installed in our walk later this spring, please contact me at my email address below before the end of February.
As the days lengthen, let us think of the beginning of the summer Thursday Night Socials where we can continue to enjoy TYC friendship throughout the summer.
See you soon!

Jim Rogers