There was something for all members on Labor Day at the TYC. The early holiday risers geared up their boats to participate in the annual Charlie Laroue Memorial Race which left the dock at high noon.

Two hours later the Junio Activities begun under sunny skies.   

What bound all these activities on the water, in the pool and on the beach was the continuing of  the proud TYC tradition of being a family oriented club. For over fifty years the TYC has come alive with activity that focuses on sailing and the young family members on Labor Day.

Participation was low in the pool games although a spirited competition on hoop scoring occupied the attention of five young boys for over a half hour. A few more enjoyed sack races and Limbo contests on the comfortable and safe sand.

Cosette Cummins won the sand castle contest and there were two second place winners: Emilia Rivera and  Julian Epke. Cosette's castle featured a sea glass exterior and a private road leading to the doorway. Emilia made a rock palace with sea stones and Julian constructed a water tunnel under his castle. Callie Moran, my assistant for the games, recorded the information which I am passing on to you at this time.

Just before three o'clock the first of the twelve boats that participated in the race entered the Tiverton Basin. It was a visual delight to see the large white sales filled with a heavy wind and backlit by a bright sun, maneuver through the Basin channel and sail majestically past the TYC dock as the horn blew from the committee boat. Commodore Phyllis Ibbotson, announced the winners of the race. There were two Classes and here are the results:

Class A                                                                  Class B

1. Korinosa                                                         1. Satori

2. Mystere                                                          2. Clank

3. R Bouy                                                             3. Vela

4. Calyso                                                              4. Raven

5. Icon                                                                  5. Pyewaket

6. Sea Star                                                           DNF Andromeda

As the afternoon progressed there was an increase in the number of members who appeared at the club. Lines of youngsters waited to play golf on our two mats and, of course, receive prizes for their hole in one scores.

But it was the Egg Throw that had the most participants. 36 youngsters and adults practiced their throwing skills with eggs! Yes, a fresh container of 18 eggs bought today from the market.

An example of one of the several games that were played with the eggs. Five participants and their partners lined up closely in the back lawn. I would say, throw, and one partner would catch and then I would say to each row, take a step back. This occurred until the egg broke in the throw. It was nice to see the friendly competition between all.

Scheduled  activities concluded just before five o'clock although the golf mats remained open until dark. The smell of summer fare being grilled now took the attention of the hungry guests. Joe and Lori Boivin, event chairs, maned the grilles and provided welcomed food for all. Many members had also brought dishes that were shared by all.

Every Labor Day I bring my box that contains hundreds of TYC photos. Some date back to 1970 when I joined the club and captured in black and white the activities that occurred on the beach and on the water. I spread these historical pictures, many framed 8X10 photos, on the picnic bench at the entrance of the club.  Not only did the older members who were present today enjoy reminiscing about those times but also many young new members were very interested in the history of the club which they are now enjoying. It was a joy to discuss these pictures with all just as it was a joy earlier to hear a few youngsters say they wanted to participate in various games.

Just after seven o'clock, Ralph Padilla performed colors. He was assisted by Greg Jones and Tova Ibbotson, chief steward, who lowered the flag.

During the 47 years that I've been a TYC member, I've seen many changes in the club. In the older days participation on Labor Day was outstanding. This was due often to the proximity to the club of its members and the fact that this was the "big" event of the year. There usually were two summer socials not necessarily geared to family participation.

In the past twenty years, however, the club has had more social events throughout the summer. The Thursday Night Pot Luck suppers has attracted over 150 members each week. This is a family orientated event and has grown in popularity.

While this weekly event has continued the proud TYC tradition, the Labor Day Activities provides a fitting closing for all members. It gives all a chance to participate in sailing competition, children's events and a social revolving around shared food for the last time in the season. It is my hope that this traditional Labor Day activities continue for years so that the young people looking at the old pictures today will one day be seen by their children in pictures taken on this glorious day in September.

Members and guests are welcomed to come down to the club during the month of September. While the club house and pool are closed the beach is open and Polly Ney will be happy to greet you on many sunny afternoons. There are a few of us who try to swim into the month of October. I invite the brave ones to join us!

Please mark your calendar.

The annual General Membership  Meeting will be held on Monday, October 2, 2017, at 8:00 pm, at the TYC clubhouse.

Thanks for making this a beautiful summer for all.

I will miss you!

Jim Rogers