The eyes see signs that say Bourbon Street and the French Quarter. The ears hear Dixieland Jazz and the nose smells the Red Beans and Rice simmering in the crock pot. Are we stumbling through Bourbon street passing Speakeasies, elegant restaurants and sidewalk cafes?


We didn't have to travel far as all the excitement of the French Quarter was brought home to the TYC last night as over a 150 members and friends gathered to celebrate Mardi Gras night.

Diana Craft and Sue Kramer, did a repeat performance as co-chairs of this popular event. Working together again, this dynamic duet outdid themselves in their creativity. The TYC became a Speakeasy for the night with authentic New Orleans Jazz music, handcrafted decorations by Diana, tubs of green plants lining the entranceway and masks and colored beads on every table.

"I do want to give credit to Will, our steward tonight, who helped to choose and arrange the music," Diana added.

The most popular food of the evening was the Lobster Mac and Cheese that Cheryl Padilla made. A chicken and rice dish and Jambalaya also disappeared rather quickly.

A couple who live on Riverside Drive brought the Red Beans and Rice dish tonight. They winter in New Orleans so their dish was made from an original recipe. I am remiss in not having their names available but they are standing beneath the entrance way to the club in one of the pictures.

We are so fortunate to have Jeff Caron here every week. He shucks those little necks as quickly as they are gobbled up by our guests.

It was a perfect summer night for this outdoor event. With only a slight breeze from the south, guests felt comfortable either sitting on the benches which gave a view of the pool and the basin or on the second deck which providers a panoramic view of the beautiful Tiverton Basin which was made more enjoyable tonight with the appearance of two sail boats that Owen Reuther and his crew sailed  in an informal race.

A dozen youngsters participated in pool games, swim races and the ever popular hoop throw. All winners(that includes all) received prizes from Jim's treasure chest.

Callie Moran filled in for Charlie Page tonight on our golf course. She did a great job and is eager to begin her freshman year at Tiverton High School  this year. It was another busy night as the kids lined up to win more prizes. Each week it is so nice to see many parents take the time to play golf with their youngsters. Sometimes, the youngsters do better!

I met Ann Berglund Lanz after the golf games ended. She thanked me for the writeup on the Sail Training awards. Over the years Ann has done so much to improve and keep that program so active. She noted that I missed one award which she said was so important. It was the Team Spirit Award and it was won by Neheul Armenanza. Congratulations and best wishes for next season!

The sound of the canon was so early as the sun continues to set earlier and earlier. Ralph Padilla once again did the honors with the able assistance of Gerry Fournier. That's the doc holding the canon in one of the pictures!

Although sail training has ended and swim lessons will end this week there are plenty of activities to interest all members from now through Labor Day. On Friday, August 25, there will be a Teenage Dance beginning at 7:30 pm. We will have a DJ and pizza for all the guests. Admission is only $5 per person. It will be a great time for those 12-18 to socialize at the club.

Next Thursday is California Cuisine Night.  You may either bring a veg/fruit associate with California, or better still, dress as a carhop/bunny like those in all the old California dreaming movies! I vote for the second recommendation!

A little note on the condition of the water tonight. As a daily swimmer I enjoy swimming in the basin along the shoreline from our dock to the pilings of the old Fall River Yacht Club. Tonight, however, I felt the effects of Gert as it passed by. The current was especially strong and there were eddies that prevented me from swimming beyond our rock jetty. Hopefully, it should improve tomorrow.

If you have not been to one of our Thursday socials, please try to come next week. You'll be glad you did!


Jim Rogers