Activities abounded on land and sea as members and guests gathered to celebrate Bon Appetit Night at the TYC, participate in sailing and watch the annual TYC Junior Talent Show.

A garland composed of the Bon Appetit Magazine covers was strung across the front door of the club creating an ambiance which continued inside where members brought their dishes prepared from recipes found in that fabulous magazine. 

Bowl of freshly made garden salads were placed at the head of the three serving tables. Plates of spicy spareribs, eggplant zucchini and a hot corn dip for the garden picked sweet corn were well received by the guests. A unique chicken pasta dish contained herbs that had been flown in from Italy for this occasion.

Emily Johnson, Farra Guerlach and Beth Ann Caspersen, the three co-chairs were certainly kept busy as they greeted over 140 guests lined up to be treated to gourmet dishes that are not the usual summer fare of members.  

Emily noted that there were many types of desserts but two were outstanding: the Lemon Blueberry Zucchini Cake and the Lavender Cheese Cake.  

Large vases of freshly cut Blue Hydrangeas lined the serving table complete with wooden spoons and strands of white lights. Soft classic light rock played from the loud speakers at the rear of the serving tables.

Farra is a new member and celebrated her birthday today. A surprise birthday cake was presented to her and quickly consumed by the guests. Farra said that hosting this event gave her the opportunity to meet the members and enjoy their hospitality.

The Big Splash and the Little Splash were the most popular pool games tonight although the hoop throw captivates the competitive nature of the younger set. 

Charlie Page and I never stopped for a minute as the kids lined up to compete in the golf matches. The skills or determination of these youngsters, two who are three years old, was amazing and encouraging to watch.

Just before sunset Owen Reuther sailed the TYC Flying Scott sailboat into the dock. He and six other junior members had been sailing in the basin. Aldo with them was Dan O'Connor who assisted.

As I was leaving I met Dr. Tim Flanagan who was having a conversation with Jim Hilton. I took Tim aside and asked him about his summer.

Last month, he took 22 people to do missionary work in Jamaica. They ministered to the disabled and mentally handicapped  people at that mission providing meals for them and painting the humble cabins where they live. Accompanying Tim was Will Cabral, one of the stewards who is working at the TYC this summer.

Tim just returned from a visit to his family ranch in Wyoming(not RI!). Family and friends went with him and a few accompanied him on  his hike to the top of Mount Grand Teton. 

Next Tuesday, TYC is sponsoring the College Send Off Party. There are over twenty young adults in this category, those who are in college and those who are attending for the first time. Owen Reuther is assisting with this annual event and notes that he will have music, refreshments and asks if you could bring a snack food. It will be a great night to socialize and share ideas of college life. If any adult would like to come and share their college experience, you are welcomed to attend the 7:00 pm event.

It's never too early to celebrate Mardi Gras and that's what we’ll be doing here next Thursday. Get your beads and come on down for an evening of fun, food and friendship!

Till then,

Jim Rogers