A Chinese pop-up restaurant appeared in Tiverton last night at the TYC as the club house took on the appearance of  a fine Chinese restaurant.

A red paper dragon hung over the buffet table that was covered with dark red cloth with bamboo shoots on it. Chinese Lanterns were hung throughout the large dining hall. On each table there were Chop Sticks, Zodiac place mats and finger traps that delighted the young who had never seen them before and the old who reminisced about their first visits to a real Chinese restaurant.

And Jen Viveiros and Chris Elias, co-chair of the event, smiled all night as they watched and helped the more than two hundred guests who enjoyed the Chinese fare that filled all of the buffet tables. It was the largest (so far) turnout of the summer season.

The plates of Peanut Chicken and Steak Teriyaki were the first to be emptied followed closely by the sweet and sour meatballs, the Asian cole slaw and the luscious green salads.

And, yes, there was Fall River chow mein that was brought by Teresa O'Connor. The sad part was that I didn't learn it was there until it was all eaten. Guess I have to wait until next year, just like the Red Sox!

Fruit salads cupcakes and a delicious looking Cherry Cake were featured on the dessert table. Pat Collins made that cake and also brought the bouquets of flowers that decorated the room and the outside entrance way. Pat didn't shuck the littlenecks though as that weekly task was left to Jeff Caron.

Jen and Chris delighted all the guests with their good humor, warm personalities and eagerness to be of service to the members and guest.

But, they are not a couple as their other halves were busy elsewhere! Jen's hubby decided to play golf tonight and Chris's spouse, unfortunately, had to work at her job. I'm sure they will be disappointed but glad their spouses made a memorable night for all. 

Jenn especially wanted to thank Molly Morash who will be entering eighth grade this month, for all her help in preparing for this dynamic evening.

There was a whirlwind of activity here tonight. The most exciting part came on the water as several boats competed in mini-sailing races in the Basin. About a dozen junior sailors plus all the sailing instructors including Meredith Collins participated in this event. Owen Reuther, one of the instructors, noted that this gave the youngsters an opportunity to try the skills they acquired in the Sail program.

The number of kids in the pool was low but the enthusiasm was great as they participated in swim races, hoop shots and the big and little splash contests that bring laughter to their faces but shudders to the lifeguard on duty.

On my way to get the golf mats from the locker I saw Teresa Ryan and her husband Jim sitting on the bench along the north side of the club. They are regulars usually with their grandchildren.  Teresa's warm personality is always reflected in her smile and pleasant conversation. She stopped me to thank me for the weekly stories about the Thursday night parties.

"I read every word and love the pictures," Teresa began. "I even share them with my cousin in Portugal. I skype the picture and stories every week. It makes my cousin feel as if she is here with me, with us, at this beautiful TYC."

A few youngsters played soccer on the south lawn while several very small kids played catch with the large colorful beach ball on the east lawn.

It was so busy at our golf games that Charlie and I had to call in for help. Luckily, his wife, Margot, pitched in and we were able to service over 35 kids tonight.

"What was that noise?" one of the young female golfers asked.

"That's the canon going off," I replied. "Look at the two stewards, Tova and Natale, who are taking down the flag. It's a great tradition at yacht clubs to do this and fire a canon at sunset." Ralph Padilla did the honors with the assistance of Eduardo Rodriguez.

Several youngsters looked at my signup sheet for next week's Junior Talent Show. It will be a great night for our young members to show their talents in front of a live and friendly audience. I would like to have ten performers for next week. I have three so far. Please email me at jimanddee@comcast.net and let me know what your talent will be. It certainly will be a night of fun for all. Parents, if you would like to perform with your youngster, please email me this week.

Due to a scheduling conflict the College Send Off Party will be held on Tuesday, August 15, at 7 pm. Please contact me or Owen Reuther who is coordinating an evening of music, food and friendship before the day of leaving for college. We want to let the college aged members know that the TYC is here for them.

Next week is Bon Appetit Night here at the TYC. A great time to prepare one of those dishes that can be found in that magazine.

Thanks for making this night so special,

Jim Rogers

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