More than 75 members of the TYC gathered last Saturday to welcome the beginning of the 2017 Season at the club.  The official Commissioning took place at 6:15 pm in front of the entranceway to the club house.

Commodore Phyllis Ibbotson welcomed guests as they walked up the front stairs circled around the garden and proceeded to the second floor were a fresh fruit buffet was located near the beverage bar.  Board of Directors, dressed in the official blue blazer and khaki outfits appropriate for the evening, were given boutonnieres.  They were pinned by Tova Ibbotson and Natalie Boivin, this year’s stewards at the club.  Greg Jones, house manager, introduced Gregg Morash, the Fleet Captain, who served as master of ceremonies.  After his initial remarks he introduced the former Commodores who were present.  They included: Jim Rogers (1982-1985), David Saurette (1993-1995), Cheryl Padilla (2006-2008), Wayne Karzenski (2008-2010), Greg Jones (2010-2013) and Steve Hughes (2013-2016).  Greg then ordered, “Strike the Colors.”  Ralph Padilla responded by saying, “attention to Colors.”  He then fired the cannon at which time the stewards hoisted the two flags.  Patrick Flanagan played “Amazing Grace” on his Bagpipe.  At this time Fleet Captain Morash stated, "I declare the Tiverton Yacht Club officially commissioned for the 2017 season."  Commodore Phyllis was introduced and gave a warm welcome to the members.  At the beginning of her talk she read a nautical blessing that was written by deacon Tim Flanagan for the Blessing of the Fleet.  

It was a special night as the event issued in the beginning of a new summer season.  It was a time to renew acquaintances of members for the first time in the spring season.  Guests mingled on the deck, the front lawn and the main hall where the refreshment tables were located.  Lori Boivin, the chair of the event, noted that several people helped in the preparations including Julie Andrade, Karen Corr and Pat Collins who made many of the arrangements from her flower garden.  Polly Ney arrived just in time from her visit to Bedford, MA where her daughter and her husband live.  Polly smiled as she told that her daughter will have her third child in November.  After sixteen years living in Tiverton, Virginia Butterworth has moved to Middletown.  She lives less than a mile from Newport on the road that borders the western side of the ocean.  She can see Easton's Beach and the towers of Salve Regina College from her window.  While she likes her new surroundings she enjoys being here at the TYC with her friends and also swimming at the beach, often times, with me!  

Conversations flowed easily among the guests especially where Rich Toolin was talking about his new power boat which should be in the water very soon. One night during race season, Rich is taking me out to a Wednesday night race where I can take pictures and do a story on the weekly races on Mount Hope Bay.  Patrick Flanagan, a sophomore at the Abbey will make a return visit to the club this summer.  He will play the Bagpipe at one of the Thursday night socials.  He will have a busy summer as he will be working for Sails to Prevail.  This is a Newport company which provides sailing for mentally and physically handicapped people.  It is a very worthy endeavor.  

Activities at the club continue with the first social event, the Pizza Challenge, will be held on June 22.  The regular weekly pot luck dinners will begin on Thursday, June 29.  That is the date also for the first Junior Pool Party.  The officers and directors of the TYC invite all members to these socials as well as to come to the club any time during the day or early evening.  A special thanks to Lori and her crew for making this event so successful.

See you soon!!

Jim Rogers

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