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Welcome to the Tiverton Yacht Club.  We are a small family oriented yacht club on the Sakonnet River in Tiverton, Rhode Island.  If you have a love for the water, for boats and for down to earth friendly people, you have found the right place.  

“This is as close to the Eiffel tower that we’ll ever get,” Callie smiled as we stood by one of the posters that decorated the exterior and interior of the TYC tonight.
We might not have seen Paris but we did see some beautiful sights and happy faces as Bon Appetit night was celebrated at the TYC.

It was a celebration of the musical arts as selected French Café songs played all night: a celebration of the fine arts as colorful poster featuring the work of Gauguin, Manet, Cassatt and Seurat were placed on each table, and, of course, a celebration of the culinary arts as platters of homemade foods including gourmet dishes with hints of European influences filled the three large buffet tables.  Small colorful wind mills lined the path from the front stairs to the clubhouse.  Bonjour signs welcomed the nearly 150 guests who arrived early and left way after the sun set in the western sky.

Kristin Ramsey and Teresa O’Connor were the co-chairs of this annual event.

“We are so pleased to chair this as it brings smiles to our faces as we see the happy smiles on the faces of all as they stand looking at the array of fine foods on the tables,” Kristin said. Both Teresa and Kristin have chaired social in the past years and I know they will certainly return next season.

The main entrees included chicken tarragon, sausage and onions, baked ziti, tomato and corn ranzanilla, beans and hot dogs as well as baked chicken with rice. There were bowls of green beans and potatoes gratin to supplement the other dishes. Chourico sandwiches were also a sort after food tonight.  Homemade soups included chicken, escarole and broccoli (Ugh, someday I ‘ll tell you about a 400-mile trip that Dee and I made to a relative who served us broccoli soup! I’ still in shock.)

The dessert table featured a blueberry pie homemade by John Brady whose baking skills are almost as good as his sailing abilities. French pure butter cookies, delicious brownies and a bowl of fruit complemented the entrees of the night.

There was something for everyone at the club tonight especially the youngsters who kept Callie and me busy until almost nine o’clock. The adults either sat at the picnic tables or socialized on the second-floor deck.

It was good to see many teenage members here tonight. They engaged in spirited volleyball games on the rear lawn, played basketball near the garage, tested their skills with the corn hole throw and played miniature golf on our two courses. A few of the older teens reminisced about their younger days here when they would participate in pool games and win special prizes. “I still have the small race car on my desk,” one of them said.

And, yes, the pool was very busy again tonight. Eleven-year-old Magnus won one of the full pool races. Mason Costa, 12, won the other two races, Mason, 11, won the big splash and Brooke (remember her from last week. Her dad’s last name begins with an R. I forgot how to spell it and my log book is in my car.)

Conversations through the night centered on member’s vacation plans. Our Commodore Phyllis and her daughter will be spending time at a campground in Maine, Natalie and her family are going to Iceland, Brenna just returned from Bermuda and Dr. Tim Flanigan is in Austria visiting his step-mother. I might go to Newport before Labor Day.

The early sunset caught many by surprise as Ralph Padilla did colors before 8 pm. He was assisted by Greg Bannister.  As the sun disappeared the solar panel lighted mason jars illuminated the painting on the tables.  As darkness crept in most of the members slowly left. Callie and I sat at a picnic table to review her notes from the party. We were shortly joined by Greg Jones who filled us in with the news of Dr. Tim and Tim’s wife, Luba, who continues to teach and do research at Brown University. Greg who supposedly retired, still teaches an Engineering class at the Kingston Campus of URI and works a few days at the Navy in Newport.

“I have a nice story, Greg, to end our day, I said. “For her summer English assignment, Callie Moran had to write four essays on selected topics for a competition for the New York Times. 800 students from America and Asia competed. Callie won Honorable Mention for one of them. She didn’t win the top prize but was one of twenty that won out of the 800 competitors.”

“Amazing and brilliant,” Greg replied.

It’s Mardi Gras Night here next Thursday. Put on your aprons and cook that special New Orleans meal that you love and wish to share with all!

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you next Thursday, same time, same place!

Jim Rogers

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