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Welcome to the Tiverton Yacht Club.  We are a small family oriented yacht club on the Sakonnet River in Tiverton, Rhode Island.  If you have a love for the water, for boats and for down to earth friendly people, you have found the right place.  

Mexican flags in Tiverton! Red pepper shaped lights hanging from the ceilings! Large Sombreros tossed on the tables! Maracas placed on colorful stripped tablecloths!
It must be Mexican Night at the TYC!  Over a hundred members and guests attended the first Thursday night social that featured fine Mexican cuisine. The Mexican theme included these ethnic decorations plus the Latin Beat sounds and hits of the late Mexican-American singer, Selina.

For the umpteen year, Julie Lohr was chair of this event. She noted that she just loves it and tries to find new decorations every year. She was ably assisted by Pat Manchester. We certainly thank Julie for her devoted work!
Platters of delicious homemade Mexican food filled the three long buffet tables. Bowls of Taco salads were located on the end of the firsttable followed by dishes of hot  Mexican chicken, Quesadillas, fish Tacos and salsa dips. Plates of cauliflower, onions, asparagus and mushrooms complimented the entrees on the tables.
The dessert table also festively decorated with cacti (plural of cactus) featured cuts of watermelon, tasty red cherries and nectarines as well as cakes and brownies.
"It seems as if we never left here," Pat Collins smiled. "it's sonice to renew acquaintances with our members."
And this was what tonight and every Thursday night throughout the summer is all about. The weekly socials are a family friendly event where all members and guests are welcomed to spend time at our beautiful club facilities.
There are many things for members to do here on a Thursday night in addition to enjoying the prepared foods that feature the theme of the evening.  Most adults enjoy the opportunity to exchange conversations with others, walk along the dock or simply enjoy watching the youngsters play at various games.
"Are you ready to begin another season, Callie?" I asked Callie Moran, my assistant who takes meticulous notes during the evening. "We'll start the pool games in ten minutes."
"I'm ahead of you," Callie replied. "I've already written down all the food items on the table. That will make it easier for you when you write your story."
I placed the basketball hoop near the pool and Callie tossed the ball to one of the four girls in the pool. For nearly an hour about a dozen youngsters shot hoops, competed in swim races, handstand competitions, big and little splashes.  Each received a prize or two for their good sportsmanship.
After the pool events activities shifted to the lawn where two golf mats are set up and also, our new summer game, the bean-bag throw. The corn hole game has also gained popularity with adults as well. 
The line of golfers includes children of every age. The thrill of putting the ball into the cup is expressed with full smiles on their faces.  It is a joy for me to see this as I sit on the far end and return the balls to the youngsters. I invite you to sit in my place some Thursday night and share the joy that I feel when that little white ball sinks into that hole.  All participants received at least two prizes.  A special thanks to Pat Collins who donated many gifts for the kids tonight.  As Callie and I were working the golf mats, I heard Happy Birthday being sung on the second deck. I asked Callie to go up and see what was going on.
"It's Barbara Mazzaferro's birthday and her friends are celebrating with her," Callie replied.
We all wish you a Happy Birthday, Barbara, and I apologize for not taking your birthday picture as I couldn't leave my busy post.
Before the evening was completed, Callie and I distributed the 2019 TYC Log Book. The book features all the yearly events, race results and edited stories with pictures that I wrote last year Over the years, the book has become the "TYC Bible" as it also contains the names and email addresses of all members. 
And, the books are free! Please pick one up from the steward during your visits to the club.  Since we started this summer off with a bang tonight, we need a vacation!  As next Thursday is the Fourth of July, we know that many of our members have yearly plans for this summer holiday. (My Fourth cookout at home will be on the fifth as my stepdaughter, Dr. Beckie and family are arriving late on the Fourth. Anyone who wishes another hamburger, please let me know and come on down to my address in the Log Book! That's an incentive for picking up a Log Book, asap.)  On Thursday, July 11, the theme for Pot Luck will be Surf and Turf.  The grills will be available and, just maybe, this will be the year that I get to taste grilled Swordfish caught by one of our members.
Thanks to all who were here tonight and a welcome to all members to join us on July 11.
Jim Rogers

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