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Welcome to the Tiverton Yacht Club.  We are a small family oriented yacht club on the Sakonnet River in Tiverton, Rhode Island.  If you have a love for the water, for boats and for down to earth friendly people, you have found the right place.  

“Toga, Toga, Toga,” were the joyous shouts from the guests standing under the Roman Arch in front of the TYC tonight.  It was Mediterranean Night and the buffet table highlighted the culinary tastes of Greece, Italy and Spain.

Plates of Greek olives, feta cheese salads, humus, ziti with olives and an array of chicken dishes filled the three large tables that were covered with a deep gold cloth. The hit of the night was the cold Gazpacho soup that was made by a native Spaniard who wished to remain anonymous. 

Terry Ryan and Pat Collins were co-chair of this annual event which brought over 150 guests to the club tonight.  This was Terry’s first time as chair and she did an excellent job not only bringing grapes and grape leaves from her Little Compton yard for table decorations but also in welcoming each guest with an enthusiastic smile.

Both Terry and Pat were dressed in gold Togas that Pat made for this occasion. Pat decorated the tables with real grapes that she strewn on the gold tablecloths. She also brought tall greens from her South Tiverton garden that stood beside the front open doors. Oh, did I ever tell you that I live in Fall River.

They were assisted by Claire and Hope, two TYC stewards.

The Roman Arch has become a social icon for the club. In days of yore when we summered under a tent, Eduardo Rodriguez wanted to put some pizazz into the summer events.  With the encouragement of his friend, the Commodore Gregg Jones, Eduardo constructed the Arch with the TYC letters on the front.  It was an immediate hit on that first summer. Dozens of members clad in togas lined up to have their picture taken under the Arch. I asked him what was the year that he made it. He smiled and pointed to the Roman Numerals on the left side of the base.

“2012,” he translated the number.

In addition to the two chairs, Terry and Pat, two other members also wore togas tonight. They were Leslie Ryan and Greg Jones who could have passed for a real Roman Senator in Nero’s Court.

For over two hours the pool and lawns were filled with youth activities. Over 15 youngsters won prizes for the pool basketball contests.  Thirteen-year-old Kylie won both the Big Splash and Handstand contests while eleven-year-old Owen won the Little Splash. Georgia, ten, won the length of the pool swim race tonight. Nice picture of her touching the end of the pool as she won the race. Spike ball and soccer ball games were played on the rear lawn.

Golf continues to be a popular game on the front lawn. Dozens of youngsters line up to putter a ball into one of the holes on the matt. I enjoy seeing a mom or dad showing their child how to hold and swing the putter. It has become a family game.

The new Bean Bag Throw game is also providing challenges for the young and older set of club members.

It was just after eight when Ralph Padilla shot off the cannon. He was assisted by Greg Banner. As Ralph detonated the shell, both Commodore Phyllis Ibbotson and Rear Commodore Pat Latucca lowered and raised the American Flag as part of the Colors Ceremony.

Terry Ryan welcomed her guest here tonight. He is Attorney Clem Brown who is married to the former Helen Ryan, the sister of her husband. Clem is active in civic affairs and  is retiring as a partner in the Horvitz ad Brilhante Law Firm in Fall River next month. I'm sure the Ryan family will keep him busy with family affairs.

Enthusiasm is building for the Junior Talent Show which will be held next Thursday night. Craig Rachupka, the master of ceremonies, announced that the event will be held on the second floor and he will have a Karaoke Machine for sound. Founded by my late wife, Dee, over fifteen years ago, the annual talent show gives young members an opportunity to present their talent in front of a live audience. Please sign the sheet posted on the front door or email me about your child’s talent presentation. Adults are also welcomed to participate. Email me at today.

Next week’s Asian Night will give all members an opportunity to be a part of the reduce, reuse, recycle lifestyle that will benefit future generations. Members are encouraged to bring their own dishes and utensils. There will be a rinse bucket available. A compost bucket will be on sight for everything but meat and fish.

We appreciate the great turnouts that we have been having every week and also understand how hectic it can be for you to gather your children and pot luck dishes to share with all. It is not mandatory that you participate but just an opportunity to be a part of this environmentally friendly lifestyle.

I look forward to seeing you next Thursday at Asian Night and the Talent Show. What a great double-header!!


Jim Rogers

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