• The TYC Pool is only open when lifeguards are on duty.
  • Please obey the posted pool rules and directions of the lifeguard.
  • The pool will close and all swimmers must leave the pool at the direction of the lifeguard if a thunderstorm approaches the area.  If you can hear thunder, the pool will close.
  • The pool will be closed if it is raining.  If it clears we will try to reopen as best we can.

The Pool will be open June 20th through September 2nd, 2019:

  • Sunday 10-6
  • Monday 12-6:30
  • Tuesday 12-6:30
  • Wednesday 10-6
  • Thursday 12:30-8
  • Friday 10-6
  • Saturday 10-6 (11:30-7 on Saturday, August 24th)

TYC Pool Operating Policy as required by the RI Department of Health:

a) any person with an infectious and/or communicable disease shall be prohibited from utilizing the TYC swimming pool, including persons with open lesions, blisters and/or cuts or rashes;
b) Spitting, spouting water, and blowing the nose in the TYC swimming pool is prohibited;
c) Running, boisterous, or rough play in the swimming pool, and/or surrounding areas is prohibited;
d) Pets and other animals in the swimming pool except for seeing-eyed dogs accompanied by a blind person are prohibited;
e) Diving into the swimming pool is prohibited;
f) A cleansing shower prior to entering swimming pools is required;
g) Food and drink within the swimming pool enclosure is prohibited; and
h) such other provisions as the TYC or lifeguard on duty may deem necessary