1.1  Rules will be governed by:

  1. The Racing Rules of Sailing  2013 - 2016
  2. Race Committee of TYC and SIRA
  3. Volunteers assisted by Fleet Captain on Channel  VHF 68
  4. The Race Instructions

1.2  Yachts may participate in the following classes:

  1. Class A -  PHRF ( Non-spinnaker rating )  Less than 128
  2. Class B  -  PHRF ( Non - spinnaker rating ) between 129 and 200
  3. Class C  -  PHRF (Non-spinnaker rating  ) greater than 200

Yachts have the option of sailing in one class higher or lower with the approval of both Race Committee Chairs.
1.3  Yachts intending to race shall identify themselves either by sailing past the stern of the committee boat before the start of the count-down sequence for Class A or by VHF Channel 68. Yachts have the option of using a spinnaker or not. A yacht must signify its intention to use a spinnaker when reporting into the committee boat and by displaying a Code Flag Q on its back stay. Yachts displaying Code Flag Q will be scored using its PHRF-NB spinnaker rating.

2.0  Participants
2.1  Participants must register with either SIRA or TYC and provide a copy of a current
PHRF (NB) certificate.  (a Registration Form is attached)  TYC members register with TYC and are not charged. Others register with SIRA and enclose a check for $50. MOHOSA registration and fees are a separate issue and will be offered to all TYC and SIRA registrants. Note for PHRF rating follow instructions on PHRF-NB web site
2.2   Identifying numbers must be displayed on the mainsail.
2.3  Participants (racers and committee boats) are required to have on board and monitor and use VHF Channel 68
3.0  Racing will start each Wednesday listed above at 1825 hours.
4.0  Courses to be sailed in Mount Hope Bay are available in the Sailing Instructions which will be provided via Email upon receipt of registration forms and fee, if applicable. The Committee Boat shall determine the course to be sailed depending upon wind and weather conditions and display its number prominently. Unless specifically requested, other post -race communications will be made via Email
5.0. Scoring for each series and for overall championships shall use the Cox-Sprague System. For each series and for overall consideration a yacht must race in 2/3 of the races being scored
6.0 Trophies
6.1 Trophies will be awarded by the participating clubs to its own members
6.2 Trophies for combined results may be awarded at a joint ceremony

Revised 2/26/20