The second floor of the TYC turned into a performance center where 16 TYC junior members and three adult members sang and danced before a live audience of 75 people seated in a semicircle around the stage.

Craig Rachupka was the master of ceremonies and Callie Moran was the disk jockey as she used her cell phone to provide the music for several of the acts.

About fifteen years ago, my late wife, Dee, wanted to give the kids a chance to perform their talent. She started the Talent Show while we were still livening the summers under our tent. The acoustics were not that good but the enthusiasm of the young was enough to give her the commitment to making this an annual event. For the past five summers I have carried on her tradition and this year's performances were among the best - and wild.

Commodore Phyllis Ibbotson welcome the guests before the performances began. Four-year-old Aubrey strummed a pink guitar before Colton, 6, performed magic tricks. Elizabeth, 8, sang "What do I Know." The audience clapped along with her singing.

But it was seven-year-old Zachery who started to floss to the tune of Happy, Pharell Willliams cover. It was like a flash mob of sorts as Callie wrote in her notes. Young and older members of the audience joined him on the dance floor and jived to the music. During the rest of the hour show, many audience members went on stage to show their support of the youngsters who were performing. Several youngsters performed gymnastics, told jokes or danced. Two strong singing performers both sang the same song. Brooke, 7, the daughter of the MC and six-year-old Maliah showed good stage appearance and an ability to project the nuances of the famed Peter, Paul and Mary classic. It was a wild and happy ending to the Talent Show. All the kids assembled on stage, sang and danced to the song 2 by the Blur band. It was a rollicking performance that was quickly followed by another.

A few adults including Teresa O'Connor took over the stage and performed "welcome to the Jungle."  Many kids joined in as the festivities concluded with the processional song, "Requiem for a dream." A special thank you to Craig who kept the show running smoothly and on time. My appreciation to Callie fo providing the music and especially for taking such good notes on the performers. Without your notes, Callie, I could never have remembered and wrote this story tonight!
Jim Rogers