It was Asian Night at the TYC last night but it was more than that.  It was Minimum Waste Night inspired by the Reduce, Reuse and Recycle concept that is an important focus for the young generation.

Instead of having basic plates and utensils supplied by the TYC, guests were encouraged to bring their own. Water buckets were provided to wash your plates and compost bins were available to dispose of your food waste. Over a hundred members and guests attended this first event of its kind at the club tonight. Plates and utensils were available to the few who came empty handed!

This idea was the brainchild of the three young women who co-chaired the event: Beth Ann Caspersen, Kristen Ramsey and Teresa O'Connor.  It was an Asian inspired theme that predominated the event.  Vases of lavender and bamboo with peach colored flowers decorated the three buffet tables that were set up differently as they were separated by fine Bamboo wood decorations. The dessert table that featured watermelon and a cake from a Boston China town bakery was set against the east wall. Specially made fortune cookies was the hit dessert for the kids.

It was the main tables that held the Asian food that was quickly devoured by the guests. Egg rolls, Sushi with tuna, egg drop soup and fried rice were among the main entrees.  A variety of garden salads and a goat cheese salad complimented the main menu. The food was a mixture of Japanese, Chinese, Malaysian and Philippines culinary delights.

There were several signs written in Mandarin on the table noting the type of food. They were written in Chinese calligraphy by Aiden, the seven year old son of Teresa and Dan O'Connor.

Commodore Phyllis Ibbotson dressed for the occasion. She wore a sleek black sleeveless top that showed her colorful silk necklace around her neck. She also had a chop stick stuck in her hair bun. During the evening she sat on the second deck with John Brady and Joanne Reuther who was absent last week as she was visiting her daughter, Emily, in Chicago.  While many of the guests sat in their usual places, many spread their beach blankets on the front lawn. Several, in Asian-like manner, sat on small cushions while they ate.

Callie Moran, my capable assistant, was kept extremely busy tonight. In addition to listing all of the varied foods on the table she took care of most of the golfing games. In this she was assisted by Charlie Page whose gifts of toys was appreciated by the kids tonight.

Activities were slow in the pool but picked up on the putting courses. Youngsters just love to test their skills. The happy facial expressions, the bright smiles and cries of "I did it" brings smiles to my face as I award them with toys from our toy chest.

During the night, a young girl asked me if I was a Tiverton resident as she needed signatures for a petition to ban plastic bags in Tiverton. I told her I wasn't but I was involved with John Scanlon who started Save the Bay about fifty years ago and I did the same grass roots work that she is now doing. Her eyes brightened and smiled as she said her great, great aunt Louise Durfee worked with John on that project. She gave me a warm hug as I told her to keep doing this for our environment.

And, in the same way, I want to thank Beth, Kristen and Teresa for their bravery of bringing environmental concerns to our TYC members. While not all members appreciated their radical approach, I believe that all of us can learn from tonight's experience that we all must do more in our own way to protect our environment from further damage. Best wishes to the three of you!

The excitement of the evening continued with the Talent Show that was also held tonight. It was quite a night as my second story will show.

A reminder that the College Send-off Party will be held next Tuesday at 7 pm. This is a great opportunity for our members who are attending or going to college for the first time to get together for a social evening.  Grills are available or you may bring pot luck for all to share. Please contact me at as to your attendance.

It will be back to our usual routine next Thursday night. All plates, utensils and cups will be available. The theme is Bon Appetit. Guests are asked to make your favorite recipe from this outstanding magazine that highlights the best culinary products made by distinguished chefs throughout the country. And, I'm sure you qualify to be that distinguished chef especially in your own home. Please bring us a taste of your favorite food.

We'll all be glad that you did! Please enjoy these beautiful summer days and stop by the club any evening. Stewards are on duty until eight pm and the sunsets are breathtaking!

Jim Rogers