The smell of grilling hot dogs permeated the first floor of the TYC tonight where several tables covered with red and white cloths held plates of fresh summer garden salads, a platter of cut tomatoes each covered with Mozzarella cheese and a pot of homemade beans which was near the bowl of sausage and peppers.

It was the All-American Barbeque Night at the TYC. And Leslie Ryan and Kathy Abiri, co-chairs, went all out to make this a festive evening for nearly 150 members and guests. They strung red, white and blue garland over the tablecloths and placed a few small American flags on the tables.  Leslie noted that the guests seemed very pleased to see large tables filled with nutritious food associated with a summer party.

Jeff Caron shucked his little necks to the culinary delight of many guests.

There were also plenty of desserts including homemade apple pie and Patriotic themed cupcakes that delighted the younger set.

And, party it was for all who came. The pool stayed active until the 8 pm closing time. Callie Moran, my assistant, and I did pool games and a race for seven youngsters who swam from side to side in the pool. They and the winners of the basketball hoop contest were all awarded prizes from our treasure chest of goodies.

After 7 pm, the junior games continued on land. Callie and I set up the two golfing mats and watched the happy smiles on the faces of the youngsters who made a hole-in-one.  The adult male whose teenage son beat him last week avenged himself with a hole on his first try tonight. He then quit!

The youngest junior member, the ten-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Snizek, enjoyed sitting on our golf mat and playing with the balls. When mom showed him how to drop the ball into the hole he did so with the second ball!

We have a new addition to our weekly activities.  It's a Bean Bag Toss! Charlie Page, my male assistant, was the first to try his luck as he promoted the game to our members. Commodore Phyllis Ibbotson and Secretary Joanne Reuther also took their turn at trying to get that small bean bag into, it seems, a smaller hole on the board.  Please join us next week and try your luck. You may even win a punch balloon from the treasure chest!

It was nice to see Judy Sanford here tonight with her guest, Cindy Isherwood. When I see Cindy my memory bank overflows with the good times that Cindy and I did for the TYC kids in the 1970's and '80's. That might seem like a long time ago but to us it was yesterday.  We did cookouts for the kids, volleyball on the beach, Ping-Pong tournaments and pool games in the clubhouse. In these days most of the TYC members lived within a mile of the club and would come here every night either to cook on charcoal grills, swim in the river or go for a sail in a sunfish, the most popular boat of that day.  Although I couldn't convince her to help me tonight, I know Cindy will be back because she's that kind of a good person who helps all.

It was just after dark when I sat at the picnic table with Leslie, Kathy and Tom, Leslie's husband. We discussed how busy the night was and as Leslie said, "All were in a happy mood." Leslie wanted to thank Clare and Hope, the two stewards who were on duty tonight. They assisted in the preparation of the event and the cleaning up process that was going on as we spoke.

"Is there anything else that you wish to add to our successful night?" I asked Leslie.

"I've known Kathy for 37 years," Leslie began. "We were grad students in nursing at URI and we're remained friends throughout our medical career."

Leslie retired as Nursing Professor at the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth, a position she held for 18 years. Kathy was a nurse at St. Joseph's Hospital for many years and is now a nurse for two Endoscopy facilities in Rhode Island.  Our best wishes to Leslie on her retirement and continued best wishes to Kathy in her most important position.

On Friday, July 13, a teenage dance will be held at the club with a DJ. Pat Latucca and I are asking for chaperones for this event. The dance begins at 7:30 and ends at 10 pm. If you are interested, please email me today.

Next Thursday will feature Surf and Turf Night. Great time to take your fishing pole out and land that big fish which you can grill here next week. I'll even take your picture!

Thanks for a good night,
Jim Rogers