A little drizzle did not dampen the spirits of the nearly hundred guests who attended Mexican Night, the first Thursday night pot luck of this summer’s social season.

While some of the younger set sat outside under the new tent, most of the members and guests sat at the round tables on the second floor that were decorated with Mexican flags, colorful beads and vintage Mexican linen runners. 

The first floor also looked like a Mexican Cantina. Strings of red pepper lights were strung over two walls, a large lighted Cactus sat alone on a small table next to the dessert table covered with a bright striped tablecloth.

Julie Andrade was the chair of this evening’s festivities. This was her 15th year as chair and she continued her fine tradition of organizing an evening of Mexican culinary delight.

Julie noted that many members made and brought Mexican dishes that came from their family tradition: Ralph Padilla made Chicken Mole, Lori Boivin did a Mexican Lasagna, Cathy Fournier brought a Chicken and Rice Casserole, Amy Cooper’s specialty is Carnitas (you have to look that up or ask Amy) and Julie cooked a Chili Ricardi, the special dish her dad always made.

There were also plenty of other Mexican offerings including Enchiladas, Tacos, Spanish Rice and Seven Layer Dip. Bowls of fresh garden salads also graced the large food tables, while an array of Mexican pastries, brownies and cookies were located on a separate table. 

Once again, Jeff Caron came to the rescue of seafood lovers as he shucked five dozen little necks.

The inclement weather caused the junior games to be held outside under the south eave of the club. There were no pool games tonight. I welcomed my assistant, Callie Moran, who will help with the summer games. A neighbor, Callie will enter her sophomore year at Tiverton High School in September.

My seven-year-old friend, Brooke, made a basket on her second try. I failed in two attempts

Mr. Rogers,” Brooke smiled. “You must practice more.” She took a prize from the basket and joined her family for dinner.

The two golfing mats were also well used. It was a delight to see two dads play golf with their very young daughters. One youngster scored more hole-in-ones than her dad.  We’ll keep his name secret for the time being.

Callie also took the time to survey the more than twenty-five youngsters who were here tonight. Most of the game participating youths were between four and ten years old. They are enthusiastic about competing for game prizes and, as two parents told me, are eager to come to the Thursday socials.

But wait! We do have something special for the teen set of the club. The Teen Dance will be held here on Friday, July 13 from 7:30 to 10:00 pm. A DJ will play their favorites and refreshments will be served. The $5.00 charge will defray expenses. Pat Latucca is assisting but we would welcome chaperones to volunteer for this social event. Please contact me this week.

During the evening as I was taking pictures on the second floor I had the opportunity to speak to a young woman who participated in our junior activities many years ago. A 2017 graduate of Cornell University, Rachael Padilla told me she was starting Medical School at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester. The daughter of Doctor Ralph Padilla and Cheryl Padilla, a Pharmacist and past TYC Commodore, Rachael will begin her four-year program in August.  I extend the best wishes of all of us for a successful medical career.

And Ralph was called back to duty as he performed colors, the shooting of the cannon at the sunset hour of 8:23 pm. He was assisted by Tome Andrade.

The 2018 TYC Log Books are now available from the stewards. The book contains important TYC information and is a handy resource not only during the summer but throughout the year. Get yours today and they’re free!!

It is a busy week here at the TYC. The Sail Training program and the swim lessons are in full gear. The Wednesday Night sail boat races are held in Mount Hope Bay and the special event of the week is the Around Aquidneck Island Race. Check out our web site for more details.

The next Thursday Social is the All-American Barbeque and Tailgate.  Please wear your favorite football team shirt and we’ll have the grills ready for your burgers and dogs!!

Looking forward to seeing you next Thursday night!

Jim Rogers