Cloudy skies did not dampen the spirits of the nearly hundred members and guests who attended the Pizza Challenge last Friday Night.  The first official Social of the TYC summer season featured the culinary skills of the members.

Over 25 families brought trays of homemade pizzas that were judged by three young club members. There were pizzas that contained chicken, sausage, clams and spice ingredients that were handed down from grandma or, in one case, great-grandma who came from Sicily where, her sibling swore that the best pizzas were made.

And there were dessert pizzas.  These tended to be smaller but were packed with arrays of M & M’s, chocolate chip cookies as well as scoops of ice cream which melted as quickly as the youngsters placed pieces in their mouths.

To compliment the pizzas, there were five large wooden bowls that contained freshly made garden salads.

Amelia and Natalie Boivin, daughters of Joe and Lori, the TYC Social Chair, were co-chairs of the event. They were assisted by Pat Collins, the stewards on duty and especially by John Brady who brought roses from his rose garden that was the hobby of his late wife, Peg. The vases of red, pink and yellow roses brightened the long food tables covered with dark blue tablecloths.

The outside tables where guests ate were also covered in blue cloth. There were, however, vintage red and white cloths that were placed sideways over the blue base. It gave the appearance of a traditional Pizza Parlor, the type found on Federal Hill in Providence.

The judging was completed, a whistle was blown and Lori appeared on the front walkway. After thanking all who participated in the contest and those present especially a group leaning on the second-floor railing, se announced the winners in four categories.

Gourmet Pizza – Cheryl Padilla

Most Creative Pizza – Mike Mello and Ian Rashleigh McNally

Dessert Pizza – Maya, Moxie and Marley Mills

Kid’s Creation Pizza – Finnbahr and Aiden O’Connor

During the early part of the night, I began to distribute the Log Books that had just been published last week. For nearly forty years I’ve been editing the material that is used by members as their handbook during the summer. I was handing them out to members sitting on the south side of the deck when I looked to the north side and saw a large group of people.

I recognized Judy Sanford, an honorary member, who told me that the group of ten ladies were her friends from grammar school.  They had decided to meet here for a reunion.

We had a nice discussion of the “olden days” at the TYC. One of the group came over and hugged me. It was Cynthia Isherwood who was a long-time member and good friend. She and I did many parties in the late 70’s. Her family was very involved in junior activities and her late husband, Fleet Isherwood, spearheaded the development of the sail training program here at the TYC.

“I will return some Thursday night,” Cynthia smiled. “Promise.”

It was a great night to renew friendships that the long winter interrupted. Stories of school activities, winter vacations in a warm southern country, marriages and births of grandchildren, new boats or a paddleboard, were repeated in many group conversations of guests both on the upper deck and the those seated on the benches along poolside.

The pool got lots of use by the kids who also played soccer on the rear lawn while other younger kids delighted in running up and down the slope on the south lawn.

“So nice to see you,” Brooke, the second-grade student ran up and hugged me during the night.

“Our pool games start next Thursday,” I replied. “we’ll have lots of prizes for the winners of our games and also the golfing games on the lawn.”

“I’ll be there,” she said as she entered the pool area.

A proud tradition at area yacht clubs in the performing of Colors at sunset. This involves the firing of a cannon as the sun sets in the western sky. Ralph Padilla ably did his task and was assisted by Brendan McNally and a few of his younger friends.

The Thursday Night Pot Luck suppers begin next Thursday, June 28. The theme is Mexican Night and Julie Andrade is the Chair. The club store will also be open with an array of sporty TYC logo clothes.

Hope to see you there wearing your Sombrero!

Jim Rogers

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