There was an American flag in each vase of hand cut flowers that decorated several tables at the club house last Saturday night. The native flowers came from the gardens of Pat Collins from the southern part of Tiverton and Stu Hardy whose home overlooks the northern part of the Sakonnet River.

It was the Memorial Day Cocktail Party that is the first official social of the summer season at the TYC. On a very warm night, guests enjoyed a light buffet of cut fresh fruits, cheese and crackers as well as several dishes of light fare brought by the guests.

Polly Ney, the chair of this annual event, decorated the tables with white and blue tablecloths. Each table had nautical themed placemats that held the vases of purple lilacs, lilies and a few red wild flowers. Pat Collins ably assisted with the decorations and in the preparation of the event.

Guests mingled on the second deck of the house. At one point it was noted that most of the men were talking on the north side of the deck while the ladies sat and chattered on the other side. It resembled a freshman high school dance!  Within a short time, however, there was an intermingling of the sexes especially when individuals went to the buffet table to try a new hors d'oeuvre. 

There were at least fifty members who attended the cocktail party.  Most stayed until after dark while a few like Virginia Butterworth and Greg Jones left earlier.

It was nice to see Virginia who now lives in Middletown after many years of living a stone's throw from the club. We swam together often and speculated about when our first swim of the new season will be.

During the night, Polly Ney told me some very good news about her son, Bill. He is a graduate of Mass Maritime Academy and has spent over twenty years in the maritime industry. Bill was just promoted to be a Captain. He will be the Captain of the Pelican State, an oil tanker, that is based on the West Coast. He will oversee a crew of thirty sailors. The warm smile on Polly's face showed how proud she is of her son who once was a steward at this club and, I recall, very active in my junior activities.

As the sun began to set, a cool breeze from the southwest arrived causing some of the guests to put on their light sweaters and others to take refuge inside. The chill did not dampen the spirits of the guests whose
conversations about planned summer vacations lasted well into the night. The night of the first official Social of the season.

Thanks, Polly, for continuing this tradition and for chairing this event for well over twenty years! Our appreciation also to Pat Collins our marvelous decorator person!

The next official TYC event is the Sail Training Breakfast on June 10th, 11 am -1 pm, here at the clubhouse. There will also be raffles and a silent auction to benefit the sail training program. Tickets are $5 per person/ kids under three are free!

Jim Rogers