School started in Tiverton yesterday but the summer fun continued at the TYC last night as over 125 members and guests attended the Chili-cookoff night at the club. About twenty members brought pots of steaming Chili in anticipation of winning a coveted prize.

The winners in the three separate Chili categories are:

Meat - Leslie Gurski

Vegetarian - Beth Ann Caspersen

Gourmet - Deb Toulan

Lori Boivin announced the winners and presented each with  the same prize - a six pack of gourmet beer and a fancy ladle. Cheers and clapping greeted the winners from many of the guests who lined themselves along the second floor railing to listen to the winners name.

Diana Craft and Pat Collins co-chaired the evening's party and was ably assisted by Leslie Ainsworth.

Complimenting the array of Chili dishes on the buffet table were several bowls of salads including Caesar salads, Strawberry salads and several featuring ripe, juicy tomatoes grown in members' gardens.

The highlight of the dessert table was the Blueberry Cobbler that was made by John Brady. We know his expertise in sailing but now we know that his talents also lie in the kitchen.

Jeff Caron continued to satisfy the culinary tastes of many with his shucked little necks. Several varieties of pizzas were also available.

Diana, a talented artist, created a huge banner announcing the Cookoff as well as the large sign on the inside table that read,

Keep Calm and Chili On. Pat brought several pots of colorful mums that were placed on the tables. On each plant Pat placed several Chili peppers on the plants.

Another unique idea that Pat used tonight was the placing of large sheets of heavy paper on each table along with colored markers. This gave the youngsters and adults the chance to draw pictures while or after they ate. There were several cute scenes that were drawn.

I knew I should have bought two boxes of the lighted neon bracelets at the dollar store but I thought one box of twenty would be enough. My assistant, Callie Moran, connected them and placed them in the treasure chest for those who were playing golf. The bracelets were gone in ten minutes must to the dismay of the other dozen youngsters who wanted a bracelet. I must double my order for Labor Day.

The pool was quiet tonight but it was an exciting night for a seven year old member. From the foul line in the pool he shot six straight baskets. The smile on his face was a joy to behold as he proudly put in one basket after another. After he put in the fifth basket he said he would try for seven, his age. He missed the seventh shot....

Ralph Padilla and his associates performed colors at just after 7:15, as the sun set over the wester horizon. Within a half hour darkness caused the end of the golf games that were enjoyed by dozens of youngsters and a few adults.

I felt a tinge of sadness as I rolled up the two golf mats for the last Thursday Night social. For the past ten weeks the club has come alive on Thursdays. I've enjoyed being a part of this event as I try to carry on the tradition that my late wife, Dee, and I began over twenty years ago. The TYC had been our family and continues to be my family throughout the entire year.

The TYC became a family of friends gathering to share their homemade food, their personal stories, their love of sailing and their hopes for the continuing growth of the club. Acquaintances were renewed and many new friendships were made.  Participation in social events was good. The number of youngsters were at an all-time high.

These are all encouraging signs that will contribute to the planning of next year's summer activities.

But wait!

We’re not done yet!

Labor Day Activities start off at 2 pm with Junior races and activities in the Pool. This will be followed by Sandcastle Contests, Sack Races, Limbo Contests, Golf games and the 40th Anniversary Egg throw Contest!

All this will be followed by a pot luck dinner about 5 pm.

On Labor Day, the sailors of the club will take part in the annual Charlie Laroue Memorial Sailing Race that begins  about 1 pm. Check with Gregg Morash who has emailed the race forms to participants.  All sailors will also join with us at the pot luck supper.

I want to thank Jennifer Escher for sending out my emails and pictures so quickly. Her support is appreciated and needed for this weekly communication.

Hope to see y'all on Labor Day!


Jim Rogers