It was Welcome to California at the TYC last night as signs placed on the staircases read, 'This way to Hollywood', 'Beverly Hills on the right' or 'Napa Valley, straight ahead'.  Small surf boards hung from the ceiling over the buffet table.

Small carboard baskets in the shape of  beach wagons, woodies we called them, were placed on each table. Inside were colorful sun glasses, temporary tattoos and surfers' bracelets.

"Wait until next year," Leslie Gurski, co-chair said to me. "This is the first time that Lisa Museler and I chaired this event. We loved it and will surprise you with "big Time" decorations next year."

The two L's did a 'ell of a job transforming the club into a California resort. And this included using the second floor for a wine tasting room. Guests were asked by email to bring a bottle of California wine to this event. By 9 pm there was little left in the twenty five bottles that lined the temporary bar. I was reminded by Callie Moran who helped me upon her return from high school orientation that the wine comes from the northern part of California as it is too hot to grow grapes in southern California.

But the food was downstairs and that's where most of the action was during the first part of the night. Trays of fresh fruits and vegetables lined the first part of the serving table. Many California pizzas made with fresh veggies including spinach (ugh) were enjoyed by over one hundred guests who came to the party. A girl named Colleen made the most popular dish of the night, Chicken Enceladus and a man named Wayne brought fresh tomatoes from his garden according to Leslie.  There were also vegetarian dishes made with Humus.

The dessert table featured homemade Strawberry Rhubarb pies and fresh blueberry pies as well as delicious brownies.

Yes, the music was the Beach Boys Hits of all times!

It was a quiet night in the pool but the golf courses kept open until after sunset. Youngsters just love to compete for a prize by making a hole in one on one of the two golf mats on the lawn. The same ten youngsters who were playing soccer on the rear lawn went over to the basketball setup near the garage and engaged in another friendly competition.

After Ralph Padilla did colors with the help of four others he came over to tell me a story about an event that occurred last Sunday.

For the seventh year a group of TYC members have done a Quick's Hole Social. Seven power boats have taken the nearly two hour ride to Nashawena, the second largest island of the Elizabethan Islands, which is located close to Cuttyhunk.

There were seven families and a total of forty people in the group. The TYC families represented included, Rib Cooper, Dana Allcock, Dr. Lowney, Dr. Padilla, Sabra and Mazzaferro. This is a great tradition and I'm sure this group would welcome your participation in the future. Please contact Ralph Padilla for more information. Congratulations!

With a heavy heart I cancelled the Junior Dance scheduled for tonight, Friday, due to the lack of young adults who are not available due to family commitments or being away at school. The July dance was well attended and I thought that this would be also as it would be a great way to end the summer with a TYC dance.

But, all is not lost! We have three very important scheduled events.

Next Thursday is Chili Cookoff Night and Labor Day Activities will happen, yes, on Labor Day, September 4.

Labor Day activities will begin with pool and beach games between 2 and 5 pm, followed by a pot luck event. (grills available)

On Labor Day, the annual Charles Laroue Race will be held after noon. Please consult the web and future emails concerning the exact time and race course. Charlie was a special and humble person whose skills at racing led him to win most of the prestigious Narragansett Bay trophies. He loved he club, took great interest in providing sailing instructions to many students and was well respected for his sailing abilities. It is an honor to keep his memory alive with this annual race.

All race participants will join all of us on Labor Day at this festive traditional Labor Day celebration.

If you wish to help with the beach activities please contact m at today!

Thanks, and see you next Thursday - God willing as we Irish say!

Jim Rogers