COVID-19 Update as of March

The Commodore and Board of Directors have discussed how we should proceed with the coming season.  At this time we are taking this week to week.  The Board will meet every two weeks to see where we stand and determine our path forward with regard to operations at the club.

Officially, TYC opens April 1.  However, given the circumstances, we request you refrain from using the Clubhouse. We presently have no staff in place and want to ensure a clean environment.

The marina will be fully operational, although some planned repairs will likely have to be put off for now.  Again, I stress the importance of physical distancing even outdoors.

We have not made any decisions yet on any upcoming events, however, for the time being all meetings of 10 people or more are cancelled through the month of April. I would encourage all meetings regardless of size to be conducted electronically with apps such as Zoom.

We will keep the membership apprised of all changes in status as we move forward.  Let’s hope we get through this quickly and safely.

Any questions or concerns should be addressed to the Board, please feel free to call or email them. 


TYC Commissioning 2019

Pat Collins arranged a bouquet of spring flowers and placed them on the buffet table.  Earlier in the day she had cut them from her garden. Pat was the Host for the Commissioning of the TYC today and wanted the room to look festive for the members and visiting Commodores of neighboring Yacht Club Commodores.

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Memorial Day Cocktail Party

Tova handed the vase of cut flowers to Polly who placed it on the buffet table in the center of the upstairs function room. Bowls of freshly cut fruits and garden salads along with a pan of home-made pizza were also placed on the navy-blue tablecloth covering the two joined folding tables.  It was nearly six o'clock in the evening when the first guests arrived at the annual TYC Memorial Day Cocktail Party held last Saturday. 

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Asian Night at the TYC!

Noodles can be found along the edge of the TYC pool, supporting youngsters as they learn how to swim or floating senior members as they gather in the water sharing the news of the day or reminiscing about their summer adventures at the club.  

The best noodles, however, were found on the buffet table last night as TYC celebrated Asian Night.

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