NBYA Awards Banquet ~ Nov. 23rd

Time to register for the 2019 NBYA Awards Banquet, with special guest speaker Andrew Gaynor!

After another great season of competition on Narragansett Bay - one of the finest sailing venues in the country - it's time to look back at the action, share some sailing stories, and celebrate all of the outstanding achievements of our local sailors.  The Awards Banquet allows us to recognize the great young sailors competing in our Junior Program, the skippers and crews who have competed all over the bay in the Boat-of-the-Year (BOTY) series, and some special individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Narragansett Bay sailing community.
As an added bonus, this year we will have a key member of the New York Yacht Club's American Magic team as our guest speaker - Andrew Gaynor!

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2019 Boo Bash

  Halloween Boo Bash!

The music, the magic and the flash of the Rolling Stones dominated the music scene in the 1970's whether it was in live concerts with thousands in attendance or on the screen of our television in our homes. The thrills of that rock sound were likewise reflected at the TYC last Saturday night as the Rolling Stones was the theme of the annual Halloween Party.

The costumes of more than fifty TYC members reflected the titles of many of the fabulous songs of the Rolling Stones.

Marc Pfeiffer wore two humongous clocks on his side noting the hit song, Time on My Side. Phyllis Ibbotson, who was the chair of this event, looked like an adorable groupie with her French black beret and the slender paint brush tucked over her ear.

Several guests wore getups modeled on the song, Red Door, Painted Black. Both Jim and Nancy Hilton had that song featured on boards hung from their shoulders. There were two devils in the room (that showed their horns), Wayne and Dirk both carried pitchforks also. What an advertisement for the Stones, "Sympathy for the Devil."

Last year, Diana Craft was the Blessed Mother. She traded in her Halo this year to be Mick Jagger's favorite Groupie, even carrying a large cardboard picture of him. Her sweetheart, Frank Mruk spent the night wearing an English flag draped over his body. Yes, he was the British Invasion!

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2019 General Membership


  TYC Annual Meeting

A spray of pale burgundy colored Hydrangeas decorated the buffet table where trays of homemade chocolate chip cookies were placed. Lori Boivin, the chair of tonight's TYC event, arranged fresh strawberries that shared a platter with silver colored Hershey Kisses. A wine and beer bar was set up on a neighboring table. Two liters of Coke, regular and diet, were also available to the more than fifty members in attendance.

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