Sail Training Awards Night 2019

Rows of polished white chairs on the south lawn of the Tiverton Yacht Club quickly filled up as proud parents, grandparents and many aunts and uncles took their seats to watch their children receive a meritorious award for their sailing abilities. Over 200 people were in attendance.  

Last night was the annual Sail Training awards Night where ninety students were recognized at the completion of the summer program.

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Bon Appetit Night

“This is as close to the Eiffel tower that we’ll ever get,” Callie smiled as we stood by one of the posters that decorated the exterior and interior of the TYC tonight.
We might not have seen Paris but we did see some beautiful sights and happy faces as Bon Appetit night was celebrated at the TYC.

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Mardi Gras at the TYC!

“When the Saints come marching in..”

I hummed that classic New Orleans tune as I walked into the club tonight looking at the street signs from the French Quarter, the dozens of colorful bead necklaces strewn over the black and purple colored tablecloths that covered the picnic tables on the main floor as well as the several round tables on the second floor.

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Asian Night at the TYC!

Noodles can be found along the edge of the TYC pool, supporting youngsters as they learn how to swim or floating senior members as they gather in the water sharing the news of the day or reminiscing about their summer adventures at the club.  

The best noodles, however, were found on the buffet table last night as TYC celebrated Asian Night.

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