1. Parking is strictly prohibited behind the Club House or anywhere on the House lot, except for on and off-loading and handicapped spaces. Please obey all parking signs and remember that we share the driveway with our north side neighbor. See Marina Rules for parking on the beach and marina side of Riverside Drive.

2. The House hours of operation will be determined by the Board of Directors (BOD) at a later time and communicated to members.

3. All committee meetings and club events on the upper level of the House should be cleared with the House Committee and, if kitchen use is involved, the Social Committee must be consulted. Any use of the lower level of the House must be cleared with the Sail Training Committee.  Use of the club during the season for any private party/gathering is non-exclusive – meaning club members also have access to the facility.  Cooperation is the key!

4. Teen parties are subject to all the rules that apply to the House and Grounds and must meet the following additional conditions.

a) for every 10 teens, there must be an adult chaperone present at all times.

b) the decibel level of music and other noise must conform to the Town’s Noise Ordinance.

c) the House chair reserves the right to require a second steward on duty, depending on the size of the party.

5. The person or committee in charge of any function held in the House is responsible for cleaning the House and paying for the repair of any damage.

6. Private functions hosted by a member are allowed on a first-come, first served basis. If a caterer is involved, an insurance binder may be required.

7. The Club is not responsible for the loss or damage of any property belonging to members or guests.

8. The cost of repairing damage caused by willful or careless destruction of Club property (including house, garage, grounds, pool, marina and elsewhere) will be assessed to the responsible party or parties and may be subject to an additional fine and other disciplinary action by the BOD.

9. There shall be no pets, fireworks, profane language or loud conduct on Club House property. Dogs are specifically prohibited from all TYC property.

10. Visiting members of other yacht clubs will be extended privileges of the House and Club.

11. No minor shall be in possession of alcohol or illegal substances anywhere on the Club premises. No adult member or guest shall serve alcohol to a minor on Club premises.

12. Children and teens under 18 years of age are not allowed to use the elevator or upper level of the House unattended by a parent or responsible adult.

13. Smoking is not permitted in the House or anywhere on the grounds of the club.

14. Proper dress should be worn in the upper level of the House.

15. Members and their guests are welcome to use the porch and grills at any time provided they dispose of trash and recyclables after use. Please remove chairs/tables from lawn after use and return to the stacking area.

16. The stairs and entrance to the upper level of the house must not be cluttered by persons or objects to enable good pedestrian circulation, especially for handicapped and the elderly.

17. The fireplace gas burner is generally reserved for parties, meetings and other group events. Operation of the burner is restricted to the steward or authorized adult. Instructions are attached to the bulletin board  

18. The Sail Training Committee may make additional rules for use of the lower level of the House. The Social Committee may make additional rules for use of the kitchen and its appliances.