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Welcome to the Tiverton Yacht Club.  We are a small family oriented yacht club on the Sakonnet River in Tiverton, Rhode Island.  If you have a love for the water, for boats and for down to earth friendly people, you have found the right place.  

  Halloween Boo Bash!

The music, the magic and the flash of the Rolling Stones dominated the music scene in the 1970's whether it was in live concerts with thousands in attendance or on the screen of our television in our homes. The thrills of that rock sound were likewise reflected at the TYC last Saturday night as the Rolling Stones was the theme of the annual Halloween Party.

The costumes of more than fifty TYC members reflected the titles of many of the fabulous songs of the Rolling Stones.

Marc Pfeiffer wore two humongous clocks on his side noting the hit song, Time on My Side. Phyllis Ibbotson, who was the chair of this event, looked like an adorable groupie with her French black beret and the slender paint brush tucked over her ear.

Several guests wore getups modeled on the song, Red Door, Painted Black. Both Jim and Nancy Hilton had that song featured on boards hung from their shoulders. There were two devils in the room (that showed their horns), Wayne and Dirk both carried pitchforks also. What an advertisement for the Stones, "Sympathy for the Devil."

Last year, Diana Craft was the Blessed Mother. She traded in her Halo this year to be Mick Jagger's favorite Groupie, even carrying a large cardboard picture of him. Her sweetheart, Frank Mruk spent the night wearing an English flag draped over his body. Yes, he was the British Invasion!

There were at least a dozen women who dressed as groupies, some with tie-dyed tee shirts, others with multi-colored wigs and oversized sunglasses. A few young girls sewed dead flowers on their black dresses including Kristin Dalbec who tried to get as many people onto the dance floor.

It was Greg Jones outfit that caused ripples of pleasant laughter.

He was encased in a large brown bag that covered his body from shoulders to knees. On the bag was written the popular song, Brown Sugar.

Phyllis, her daughter, Tova, and Sue Kramers created a spooky ambiance on the second-floor main room. Each round table had skull bones and small rubber snakes on them.  Of course, there were black napkins and a few red devil masks on the tables as well. A few large black rubber spiders clung to the walls.

Two large pumpkins on the deck were lit from the flickering candles on two tables near the main door.

And the best is yet to come if you are a foodie!

The buffet table located at the south side of the room contained an assortment of delicacies that had eye appeal as well as culinary desire!

Dozens of marinated chicken kabobs were lined up in perfect order on a large silver tray. Mini stuffed peppers and mini egg rolls were in large bowls next to the chicken. The homemade pizzas were cut into bite size.

Honest! Just enough for one bite and really good also.

There were trays of sliced veggies and sliced melons.  At least three different dips were located near a large bowl of chips.  The wine and beer bars were located across from the buffet table.

Warren Graves was the DJ who spun the solid gold records of the Rolling Stones all night. He mixed the songs with some classic rock sounds and played a few current tunes for the younger set.  He did an excellent job and, I'm sure, will be called back for future performances.

It was a great night for all the guests who attended. Many arrived at different times throughout the evening. Marc Pfeiffer noted that his daughter Hayden and her boyfriend Tommy showed up after nine.

The dance floor was crowded during the last hours of the party. Many lingered after Warren played his last song at ten pm.

Activities continue into November at the club.

The third annual Turkey Trot will be held on Saturday, November 23 at 9 am. More information will be available on the web site and also emailed to you soon.

During the winter months, each of the committee chairpersons will be glad to hear from all members. If you wish to volunteer for any committee or if you have an idea for an event that you feel would be good for the club, please email your suggestions.

A special thank you to Phyllis Ibbotson whose three-year term as Commodore is ending and a rousing welcome to Marc Pfeiffer who will assume that title in November.

I certainly thank each of the members who participated in the Halloween Party as well as each member who made a possible contribution to any of last year's summer events. I look forward to hearing from you and, of course, seeing you at next summer's activities.


                Jim Rogers




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