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Welcome to the Tiverton Yacht Club.  We are a small family oriented yacht club on the Sakonnet River in Tiverton, Rhode Island.  If you have a love for the water, for boats and for down to earth friendly people, you have found the right place.  


  TYC Annual Meeting

A spray of pale burgundy colored Hydrangeas decorated the buffet table where trays of homemade chocolate chip cookies were placed. Lori Boivin, the chair of tonight's TYC event, arranged fresh strawberries that shared a platter with silver colored Hershey Kisses. A wine and beer bar was set up on a neighboring table. Two liters of Coke, regular and diet, were also available to the more than fifty members in attendance.

                It was the annual General Membership Meeting of the TYC held on the first Monday of October as outlined in the by-laws of the club.

                The purposes of the annual meeting are to allow the general membership an opportunity to hear from the various program directors, their reports on last summer's activities and their plans for the coming year. It gives members a place to voice their ideas and offers of help in the future.

                The highlight of the meeting is the election of the directors who will serve a three-year term in office.

                For many years, I have been honored to serve as master of ceremonies for this annual meeting. As the time of the start is 8 pm, I try to keep the committee reports short and adjourn by 9 pm as I have done in the past.

9:03 pm, oops!

                There were two priority items, however, that took precedent.

                The new shipment of bricks for the Brick Walkway arrived this week.

With this new order of 25 bricks, over $8,000 has been raised. A new brick order for spring arrival is now underway. If you are interested in purchasing a $100 brick, please contact me.

                A copy of a plaque that contains the names of all members and friends who donated over $1,000 to the Building Campaign was presented to the members. During that Campaign over $150,000 in financial donations and nearly $75,000 in product and service donations were received. The plaque will hang on a wall on the second floor.

                Each of the directors who chaired a committee gave positive accounts of last summer's activities.

                As the river was the center for boaters, the pool was the center for the young families who brought their children to swim, have swim lessons or to enjoy pool activities on each of the Thursday night socials. This was emphasized by the directors.

The following reports were read by the chairs:

Sail Training -----Teresa O'Connor

Pool-----John Schlesinger

House------Greg Jones  

Marina----Jim Hilton/Mike Mills

Social-------Lori Boivin

Race------Gregg Morash

Membership--- Craig Rachupka                           

Junior-----Jim Rogers

                During the presentations I interjected a bit of TYC history as this coming year will mark my fiftieth year as a member.

                Founded in 1946 by a group of Tiverton residents interested in sailing, the original TYC was located on the second floor of the Standish Boat Yard. After Hurricane Carol devastated the area in 1954, the club moved to its present location. Under the leadership of Commodore Leonard Mersey, the historic three-story Victorian House was opened in May of 1956 and remained in use until the fire of June 2003. After spending 13 summers with only a tent, this magnificent building was finally built and occupied in

2016 under the leadership of Commodore Steven Hughes.

                The sailing program has evolved until it is now recognized as one of the most outstanding programs among all yacht clubs in Rhode Island. Under the leadership of Meredith Collins, the director, and Teresa O'Connor, the chair, the program teaches nearly 100 students in the forty boats in its fleet.

                In the 1950's, however, the primary class of sailing boats were the Candy, Indian and Ensign. TYC had many good sailors who captured the majority of Regatta trophies in competitions throughout Narragansett Bay.

                In the 1970's the TYC sail training program was comprised of six Widgeon Boats. Gradually a fleet of 420's, Lasers and Opti's were added.

Throughout this time, the Board of Directors knew how important the sail training program was to the club and made sure to add boats as needed.

                Although most of the reports at the meeting were positive, there were a few hic-cups financially during the past year. Brendan McNally, the treasurer, noted that a few committees went over budget More revenue was needed for the completion of the lockers, additions to the staff and a serious water leak in the pool. Brendan was optimistic that this could be resolved in the next TYC budget for 2020.

                Elections of directors were held.

                The newly elected officers who will serve a three-year term are as follows:

                Jim Hilton                                            Cheryl Padilla

                Stephen Hughes                                   Marc Pfeiffer

                Phyllis Ibbotson                                    Jim Rogers


                Commodore Phyllis Ibbotson, who has completed her three-year term as Commodore, spoke highly of all the directors and members who assisted her during her years. She outlined many of her accomplishment's and thanked the members who chaired various committees.

                Phyllis was presented with a bouquet of flowers by incoming Commodore Marc Pfeiffer and a gift certificate to the Boat House Restaurant from the directors who also offered thanks to Phyllis for her leadership.

                The new officers for 2020 are:

                Commodore ---------------Marc Pfeiffer

                Vice Commodore----------Patrick Lattuca

                Rear Commodore---------Jim Hilton

                Secretary -------------------Joann Reuther

                Treasurer -------------------Brenden McNally

                On behalf of the members, I congratulate the new officers and wish them well throughout the new year.  The annual meeting was adjourned at 9:00 pm.

                But wait! There's more!

The Halloween Bash will take place on Saturday, October 26, at 6:30 pm.

Check your emails for further information.

                A sincere thanks to all who attended the annual meeting and look forward to keeping in touch at the various TYC events scheduled during the fall and winter months or by email!

                Best wishes to all,

                Jim Rogers





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