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Welcome to the Tiverton Yacht Club.  We are a small family oriented yacht club on the Sakonnet River in Tiverton, Rhode Island.  If you have a love for the water, for boats and for down to earth friendly people, you have found the right place.  

Socialites often arrive late for formal events and TYC members often do the same especially at the annual Labor Day activities. But when they arrive, however, they certainly know how to have a good time! And there were two events occurring at the same time.

For over fifty years activities for the younger members have taken place on the beach and lawns of the club. This tradition continued today as youngsters participated in several contests that brought smiles to their faces and prizes to their hands.

While only a few shot hoops in the pool, most of the games took place on the rear lawn.

It seemed as if a bus stopped outside of the club at 3:30 pm as I now counted over a dozen late arrived juniors ready to participate in lawn games. There were five, that's right, five Sack Races held on the grassy rear lawn. Several participants shed their flip flops and carefully stepped into a large white sack.

It was quite a sight to behold as they jumped from the starting to the finish line in less than a minute. A few, however, never made it through the course!

Eleven-year-old Cosette Cummins won three of the five races and tied with Lydia, 8, and Chase, 8, in the other two races.

"Are you ready?" I asked Callie, my able assistant, who began to press a few buttons on her i-Phone.

"I'm ready when you are," Callie smiled in reply.

I asked the dozen youngsters to form a line as I gave Chris and Brenna a long bamboo stick.  "Limbo" roared from the phone as the contest began on the rear lawn.

For over a half hour the twists and turns of these young bodies as they walked quickly at first and more slowly later under the pole was a sight to behold.

Chants of "How low can you go", encouraged them to continue. Many proud parents, with smiles on their faces, snapped photos of their little ones.

After many tries Cosette won the first Limbo contest and Owen won the second event.

The highlight of the lawn events was the egg toss contest. Each youngster paired up with a partner. Seven on one side were handed an egg to throw. Once they threw, they would move back one step.

The key to winning is to know how to catch an egg in midair. Once your hand connects with the egg, you continue the downward motion with the egg secured in the palm of your hand.

Unfortunately, one male participant caught the egg at the level of his face. The egg broke! And, literally, the poor participant had egg on his face! (as well as his hands, arms and the nice red tee shirt he was wearing.) A worst night mare but he was a good sport about it as well as his dad who was much bigger than I, thank God!

The two O'Connor boys, Finn, 11, and Aiden, 8, won the two tosses with their partners, Jack, 12, and Chase, 8.

The games moved to the front lawn where the golf mats were set up.  The young and old enjoyed the putting contests throughout the rest of the afternoon until a brief rain shower about 7 pm caused the late competition to end.

Speaking of rain, the thread of rain caused the Charlie LaRoux Memorial Sail Race to be shortened.  The fleet of seven sail boats crossed the finish line at the dock just after three o'clock.

A long-time member, Charlie LaRoux was the best sail boat racer on the Bay for many years beginning in the 1960's. He was recognized as a champion sailor. He also instructed a generation of new sailors and was very instrumental in creating a Sunfish fleet here at the club.

Due to his outstanding sailing ability and his warm compassionate concern for There were seven boats that competed yesterday. The winner the neophyte sailors, TYC had established this annual race in his name.

There were seven sail boats that participated. In two classes. The winners were Joe Boivin in Clank and Mike Zani in Vela.

Just after five, the club became alive with hungry sailors from the races and starving kids from the games. Two gas grills on the rear lawn were filled with sizzling hamburgers and hot dogs. The buffet line waited anxiously to take a treat from the trays.

There was also an array of delicious summer food on the buffet tables.  Greek orzo salads, Quinoa salads as well as fresh garden salads lined the tables. There were plates of sliced native tomatoes and had boiled eggs. (Not the gooey ones that were thrown in the games.)

Long after all the food was consumed nearly most of the hundred members who were here did not want to leave.

Many looked at the hundreds of old TYC photos that I set up on two tables. These are pictures which I took during the past five decades that show the history of the club in racing swimming and social activities. A few of these I will bring to the annual meeting in October.

Callie and I walked around to various groups who expressed their joy of having a beautiful summer here at the club. There were many melancholy moments as specific events were mentioned with fondness.

"Summer is not over," I repeated many times with a smile.

"Throughout September and until Columbus Day the weather is still good to swim on our beach or simply sit on the deck of the clubhouse." I paused.

"The sunsets in September are simply gorgeous."

In that regard, as JFK used to say, Lori Boivin told me today that she will have a few "pop-up" Pizza parties on Friday nights in September.  The first on will probably be September 13 as Lori is taking her daughter, Natalie, "college shopping" this weekend.

The annual TYC meeting will be held here on Monday, October 7 at 8 pm. This is a great time to recall the past summer and to plan for another eventful year. Please try to attend. Hint: refreshments will be served.

The next social will be the annual Halloween Party. Please check the web site and your emails for the date. (I didn't!)

A special thank you to our Commodore Phyllis Ibbotson for the hard work she has done to make all these summer activities a success for all who participated. I certainly appreciated her efforts this year and in the preceding two years as Commodore.

During this summer, I have been blessed with a good helper on each of the weekly events. Callie Moran has been my aid in noting all the various foods on the weekly Thursday night socials as well as giving me advice concerning my opening story paragraphs. I congratulate her again for winning the two prestigious New York Times awards this summer for her essays. In four competitions with students from the US and Japan, she scored in the top twenty out of a thousand students. Best wishes in your junior high school year.

I also wish to thank Jennifer Escher for sending out my weekly stories. She did this faithfully and quickly. Members had the story in their inbox on the morning after. I certainly appreciate that. I was saddened when I received her email that she was stepping down as communications chair for the club.  I wish her only the best and know that she will be with us next summer on her visits from her home in San Diego, CA.

Look forward to seeing many members at the club and the beach now through Columbus Day!

Jim Rogers

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