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Welcome to the Tiverton Yacht Club.  We are a small family oriented yacht club on the Sakonnet River in Tiverton, Rhode Island.  If you have a love for the water, for boats and for down to earth friendly people, you have found the right place.  

All day, all night, it's Maryann.  Oops, I'm sorry, let's try this again.  

"All Beach Boys, all night long!". There, that was the quote from Leslie Ryan who shared the chair with Kathy Abiri for the delightful California Cuisine held last night at the TYC. It was the surf music of the 50's and '60's that brought smiles to the hundred guests who patiently stood in line at the well-stocked buffet table.

During the night Callie noted that every song played had the word California in it. Songs on their playlist included California Girl and Hotel California. California dreaming on a winter's night played at least three times and is still playing in my head!

Colorful surf boards and tiny palm trees lined the sea blue tablecloths on the buffet tables. Small and large dolphins and swans were scattered on the outside picnic tables. All presented a mood of happy beach times on the sunny coast of California.

And the food selection reflected the tastes of California. Salads contained several varieties of fresh lettuces, avocados, spinach, chick peas, blackberries as well as slices of hand cut tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes and carrots.

Often the line was slowed as guests were simply amazed at the selection of the other salads, Mexican, Asian pasta and shrimp that looked as fresh as if they were just taken off of a boat in New Orleans. It was so hard to choose and, I noted, that many returned to the buffet often.

Cous cous came in two selections: one with chicken, the other with pine nuts.

Gradually activities came alive tonight. The weather was ideal for outside adventures and the pool filed up quickly with happy members.  

The kids all enjoyed the pool games. Emmy, 11, ("Emmy just like the awards," she smiled from the pool when I asked her name) was the pool champ as she won four out of the five pool races and the big splash. Brooke, 8, showed her spirit as she won one race and the little splash competition.  Cameron, 11, was the straightest handstand champ tonight.Both the golf mats and the corn hole game were busy until the sun set.

It was good to see many of our young sailors on the water tonight.  The O'Connor and Morash families  plied the Basin with several friends.

I thought I would dress for this west coast theme event by wearing my new pink tank top with a dark blue palm tree on it. I walked throughout the club tonight and not one person commented on my theme related attire.

Toward the end of the evening Callie and I sat with Chris and Lisette Cummins and their eleven-year-old daughter, Cosette. They live in Dorchester and often on their 36-foot sailboat in the Basin. Chris is a renowned chemist professor at MIT. After a pleasant chat, Chris took our picture and now my palm tree is visible for all to see! Yes, Old Navy! I'm their oldest customer.

Leslie and Kathy also had a wine tasting event as part of their themed night. A selection of five wines produced in the wine valleys of California were available in a Lucite ice bucket. During the evening guests sipped from these iced bottles. This added a nice flair to the event as many guests paired a wine with their buffet meal.

Ann Bergland Lanz brought to my attention that I forgot a name on my Sail Trailing awards story. Mea culpa, three times!  

There are four prestigious awards given at the awards night. I had noted three of them.  The fourth one is the team spirit award. The recipient this year is Henry Brown. Our congratulations for your distinct honor.

Tradition has always been an important word for me in my personal, business and organizational life. This holds true with my 50 years at the TYC. I learned much from the elders I knew here in my youth. This includes
the Labor Day Activities held annually on Labor Day. Faith Peckham(still living in Tiverton) organized these events. I worked with her and have carried on this/her tradition for nearly forty years.  

I invite all members to come to the club on Labor Day. Children's games begin at 2:30 pm followed by a pot luck supper at 5:15 pm. The activity members will also share supper with the participants of the Charlie LaRoux race that will also be held on Labor Day. More information next week.

I am still looking for a volunteer to run a ping pong tournament before the end of this season. Contact me at today.

Next week it's the Chowder Cookoff Night! My taste buds just salivate as I think of the varieties of tasty chowders that will be lined up on the buffet table. I love creamy clam chowder like the bowl I had at PortSide in Point Judith last week. I can't wait!

Thanks for reading!

See you on Thursday, God willing as the Irish say!

Jim Rogers

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