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Welcome to the Tiverton Yacht Club.  We are a small family oriented yacht club on the Sakonnet River in Tiverton, Rhode Island.  If you have a love for the water, for boats and for down to earth friendly people, you have found the right place.  

Noodles can be found along the edge of the TYC pool, supporting youngsters as they learn how to swim or floating senior members as they gather in the water sharing the news of the day or reminiscing about their summer adventures at the club.  

The best noodles, however, were found on the buffet table last night as TYC celebrated Asian Night.

Almost every homemade dish, and there was plenty, contained a noodle base that was combined with a pork, chicken or vegetable sauce. Some specialties had sesame seeds, peanuts or curry mixed within the entrée. There was egg drop soup, gluten free egg drop soup, sushi, and, yes, gluten free sushi.

One table featured pulled pork teriyaki, vegetable lomaine and meatballs. One of our new members delighted our guests with a Korean dish called Bimilap over Jasmine rice. By the time I made it to the buffet table that dish had disappeared onto the plates of many of the hundred people in attendance.

It was quite an undertaking for the three new members who chaired this event. For over an hour they stood in the rear of the buffet table telling the guests the ingredients of the varied dishes. It was their baptism of fire as members of the social committee and they passed with flying colors.

Cat Brown, Janet King and Shelly Caplan, were the co-chairs who arranged the food on the buffet and decorated the clubhouse.

As guests walked under a low flying dragon at the entrance, their eyes turned to the right side of the club. Two floral Kimonos were hung from the low ceiling. The beauty of them was mentioned by all whom I talked with last night. Each of the picnic tables as well as the tables on the second floor contained vases of freshly picked blue and white Hydrangeas. Small folding fans were placed nearby. The buffet table had really huge gigantic deep blue Hydrangeas on it!

The most popular Japanese decoration was the cutout Sumo Wrestler.  Kids of all ages, including me, couldn’t wait to have their picture taken there.  Proud moms delighted in taking snaps of their inflatable kids who now resembled a TV ad for a Sumo competition. It was great fun that brought lots of smiles to the families involved. Even our nonagenarian John Brady took a turn for a picture.

About a dozen kids shot hoops in the pool before competing in the big and little splashes, the full pool races and the popular, but difficult, hand stand contest. Nine-year-old Felix won that and the little splash.  Abby, also nine, won the big splash as she did last week.

The biggest thrill of the night was seeing eight-year-old Brooke win two fill length races. She beat handily four other competitors who were a year older than she. Did I mention that her last name is Rachupka? It was her dad, Craig, who did an outstanding job as MC of last week’s talent show.

Callie Moran, my assistant for all of these weekly events, took lots of notes on the varieties of food that were brought here tonight. She noted that there was also a basket filled with chop sticks for the adventurous and for the star gazers a large bowl of fortune cookies on the separate dessert table. Freshly cut watermelon and cantaloupe slices were also located on that table. These notes are so valuable to me as I sit at my computer late into the evening hours.

The golf mats were still busy as the sun set before eight o’clock tonight. A determined nine-year-old girl took her time to sink two golf balls and beat her dad who tried and tried and tried.

The Ship’s store was also busy tonight. The Store features an array of TYC logo goods, ranging from hats, polo shirts and jackets. If you are interested, please contact a steward on your visit to the TYC. They also take credit cards as well as American Currency.

The fun continues next week as we celebrate Bon Appetit Night. This is an occasion to try out either a recipe from this epicurean delightful magazine or a recipe from a family member. Whatever you make, I’m sure it will be hit with all our guests.

There is a special event next Tuesday at the club. It is the annual College sendoff Party. The pot-luck event gives college members an opportunity to share their college adventures with their peers here at the club. My late wife, Dee, and I started this event over fifteen years ago to recognize the college age members who are members, encourage them in their pursuit of a career and to let them know that they certainly will be welcomed to return as members of the TYC.  If you have sons or daughters who are in college, please let them know of this event. Parents are also welcomed to attend. 

Thanks for your continuing support of the TYC programs, sailing, racing, swimming and the weekly Thursday night socials. The officers and directors look forward to your continued support and presence at all our events.

Jim Rogers

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