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Welcome to the Tiverton Yacht Club.  We are a small family oriented yacht club on the Sakonnet River in Tiverton, Rhode Island.  If you have a love for the water, for boats and for down to earth friendly people, you have found the right place.  

Popular culinary delights from the three European counties, France, Italy and Greece, that border the Mediterranean Sea were featured at the annual TYC Mediterranean Night last night. While the cuisine proved popular to each of the more than 125 guests who were present, it was the Togas that took center stage.

It was Toga night and seven members proudly wore their finest replicas of Roman dress!

Terry Ryan, co-host, wore a shimmering white gown, floor length, as was Pat Collins', gold gown. Pat also wore a grape leaf necklace. Past Commodore Greg Jones and his wife, Renee, wore the matching togas that were popular in Roman days. His was white and Renee's was purple. Both had grape wreaths on their heads.

But it was the new family members who really stole the show. Their son also wore gold bracelets encircled on his arms. Andrew Mazur's red and gold outfit resembled that of a Roman Senator. His wife, Shannon, wore a short bright white dress that made her look like a Roman woman of stature.

The entire clubhouse was transformed into an Italian restaurant. Each of the tables was covered in Mediterranean blue clothes. On them were brightly colored blue Hydrangeas placed within a circle of grape leaves.  Grapes were placed on short Grecian columns located on the buffet tables that were also covered in dark blue fabric.

The cornerstone of the decorations is the Roman Arch that was made by Eduardo in 2012. Thanks to my Latin teacher, I was able to translate the Roman numerals that appear on the column.

There were plates of cous cous with beef, chicken and shrimp. Platters of iced celery, large black olives and meaty tomatoes were placed near the homemade pita bread that was waiting to be filled with these spring vegetables.

Choices for the main courses included roasted chicken with wild brown rice. Lemon-peppered chicken and juicy meatballs, the size of baseballs.

And, there was a large, very large pan of Zita, one of my favorites. Nine bowls of salads, French, Greek and Italian!! There certainly
was plenty of food for all tastes.

As it was an ideal summer night there were plenty of outdoor activities. The pool was busy. The big splash and the straightest handstand were won by nine-year-old Abby. Eleven-year-old Magnus was also a double winner scoring in the little splash and the full pool race.

A new volleyball net attracted several teens and basketball was played near the rear garage. The golf mats remained active until dark.

Terry and Pat kept busy all night making sure that all the food stations were full. And that included the dessert station that was located on the opposite side of the food buffet. 

And there certainly were an abundance of treats that included lemon ricotta large chocolate cake that satisfied the sugar cravings of many of the younger set. I settled for a decadent brownie with crisp walnuts.

The casual atmosphere of the Toga party allowed all guests a chance to mingle in different parts of the club. Friendly conversations were evident by the smiles on their faces as members greeted each other on the deck, in the pool area or in the airconditioned main room on the second floor. 

A special thank you to Pat and Terry for making this an enjoyable evening that lasted after Ralf did colors just after eight pm tonight.

But wait! There's more!

After dark another event began. It was the Junior Talent Show and the subject of my next email story.

So, please, stay tune - we'll be right back!

Jim Rogers

Ps Just a reminder that next week is Asian Night and the free Log Books are available from the steward on duty. Surprise, your picture might be in it!

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