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Welcome to the Tiverton Yacht Club.  We are a small family oriented yacht club on the Sakonnet River in Tiverton, Rhode Island.  If you have a love for the water, for boats and for down to earth friendly people, you have found the right place.  

The beach was the center of attraction last Saturday night as an enthusiastic group of TYC members and guests gathered to celebrate the annual Beach Party. Tiki lights were placed along the high-water mark of the beach. Blue Adirondack chairs were located in a semicircle that allowed all to face the band under the tent.

The Big Me Band, composed of talented musicians from across the state of Rhode Island and featuring terrifically sounding male and female vocalists.  Their playlist consisted of the Top 40's hits from the 1970's to 2000. 
And, boy, did they dance. Young and older members took to the sandy dance floor, most of them barefooted, and stomped the night away! The familiar melodies had the members singing the tunes as they danced on the sandy beach.
Thanks to Phyllis Ibbotson for this summer event. It was her brainstorm several years ago. She convinced many of us that this would be an important addition to our social calendar. And, it has proved to be a summer success!
Three buffet table were set up on the beach side of the dock. Small decorative lobsters and star fish were strewn over fishnets on the sea blue tablecloths.  The nets were anchored with large white shells.
A selection of salads and finger foods were placed on the table. Large pieces of Shrimp with cocktail sauce were the most sort out favorite during the night.  The next favorite was a delicacy called Spanikopita. For those of us who do carefully read the Wednesday food sections of the Times, this is a pastry that contains spinach and feta cheese.
A plate of fresh strawberries tooth picked to small wedges of American cheese caught my attention and taste buds as well.
The Corn Hole game also was popular during the evening. Dancers took time out from the sandy beach and moved to the sandy parking lot north of the buffet table. Many spirited games were played by the adults.  So spirited, though, that one of the boards was damaged. Tova Ibbotson, the steward on duty tonight assured me that it would be repaired in time for next Thursday's social. I only hoped as I watched Bryan place it in his car.
Many of the faithful TYC members were present including past Commodores Greg Jones and Wayne Karzenski and Polly Ney who shows hospitality to all in her daily visits to the club during the summer and throughout most fair days of the entire year.
"Rich sends his regards," Lisa Chew began. "He's in Croatia on a vacation with other teachers." Lisa explained that Rich and teachers from around the country take many students to Europe for educational purposes. This vacation is a thank you from the educational group who sponsors these trips for students.
"Rich emailed me a picture that resembles our beautiful coastline here in Tiverton," Lisa smiled.

"Email him a picture of our nice event here tonight," I replied.
It was also nice to see Jennifer Escher here tonight. Jenn is the person who sends out the TYC email messages and my weekly stories in the summer. She spends much quality time in California where her daughter, Remy, is a sophomore at UCLA.
As the sun began to set over the towering Maples on the Portsmouth shore, a Campfire was lit on the south end of the beach.  More Adirondack chairs were placed in a circle around the small fires. Guests quickly took a seat which provided views of the fire and the band.  The music continued throughout the night much to the enjoyment of the dancers who jumped to the rock sounds of the early evening and the quiet ballads that promoted slow dancing toward the ten o'clock hour.
But, wait, there's more!
If you missed the dance, there is plenty of social activities here during the month of July. Italian Night is the theme of this week's Thursday night Pot Luck Supper. Please bring plenty of your special homemade Italian dish to share with our guests and to acquire bragging rights for your good cooking.
On this coming Friday, there will be a Teen Dance for all members, age 10 and older. Mike, our beloved DJ, will play a mix of contemporary sounds for all the dancers. I really need a few chaperones for the 7 pm to 10 pm dance.
Please email me today at with the time you can help. I appreciate it.
"Toga, toga, toga." Will return on Thursday, July 25.  This popular Mediterranean Night event will feature French, Spanish, Greek and Italian foods. The highlight will be the wearing of Togas by the guests. Now, there is plenty of time to create a toga that is just right for you and a hit at the party!
And, remember, you may still purchase a $100 brick for the Walkway. We have a space reserved for you! Please see me on Thursday.
Thanks, Phyllis, for a lovely Beach Party!
See you all on Thursday.
Jim Rogers

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