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Welcome to the Tiverton Yacht Club.  We are a small family oriented yacht club on the Sakonnet River in Tiverton, Rhode Island.  If you have a love for the water, for boats and for down to earth friendly people, you have found the right place.  

The burgers sizzled on the outside grille. The large bowls of shrimp salad were spread out on the inside buffet table that also included plates of sushi, fish Tacos and cold shrimp next to a jar of cocktail sauce.  Classic 60's surf music filled the air and warmed the hearts of over a hundred members and guests who stood patiently in line to sample the tasty dishes home made by many guests.

It was Surf and Turf Night at the TYC hosted for the third consecutive year by Pat Collins and Pat Lattuca.
The decorations were superb and highlighted the nautical theme of the night. Inflatable sea creatures were placed everywhere including the giant whale that hung over the buffet table, the great white shark that floated from the deck and the cute gray whale that held the utensils. 
"Pat did all the decorations," Mr. Lattuca said. "She is just so clever and does an excellent job. She made this place into a nautical restaurant."
Pat Lattuca worked the buffet table making sure all the guests were well served. To serve the people better the two Pats set up four serving areas. The primary was for the main entrees, next was the pizza table, the dessert table and the beverages were located in the quadrangle on the first floor.
It was a very busy and active night. Guests sat on the outside picnic benches while some were on the second deck which provided an aerial view of the pool that contained over twenty youngsters and adults during the night. Yes, there were two lifeguards on duty.
Callie and I did the pool games for the Juniors. Long lines of the younger set shot hoops before we had the splash contests. 12-year-old Jeffrey won the big splash while little splash honors went to 8-year-old Brooke. Bianca, 10, won the hand stand competition. 
The golf mats were also well used and the Corn Hole game saw youngsters team up with adults in friendly games. Everywhere you looked there were youngsters running around. Many of the pre-teen age love to run up and down the hill just south of the pool. Their enthusiasm is catchy as is the smiles on their faces. About a dozen youngsters were at the basketball court: six boys played as six girls cheered them on. No one, though, cheered the six that played soccer on the east lawn.
Toward the end of the evening I had time to chat with Pat Lattuca.
He was enthused about the good turnout and especially the many new members who were here.
"I'm a surfer," Pat began. "I've been surfing since I stood up on a Boogie board when I was five years old." Pat surfs year-round. His favorite place is the Landings in Little Compton. For us city slickers, that's just south of South Shore Beach.  The high waves there give Pat a long and enjoyable ride to the shore.
I shared with Pat my years of surfing as well. It was in the late '60's and early '70's.  I had a 1968 red Camaro convertible. Just like the pictures from California, I placed my surf board in the rear of my car. Pat was amazed and I became teary as I recalled those sun filled days of yore! 
He also noted with justifiable pride that his daughter, Amber, is currently in Costa Rica. She is training for track and soccer. While there, Amber is doing community service including teaching sports to the Costa Rica children.  A salute to Amber from all of us.
Pat also wanted to give a thanks to a new member, Mark Weaver, who has volunteered his time to repair the lights on the trailers used for sail training. Thanks, Mark, we all appreciate your efforts.
Craig Rachupka (his daughter won the Little Splash Contest) introduced me to a new member and his family. I began to talk to Andrew Mazur and his wife. He is also a swimmer and I found out that we had friends in common. They are the Mercer family and were award winning swimmers for decades in this area. One of the remaining of the family is Faith Peckham of Tiverton. For over thirty years she taught swimming to hundreds of youngsters at the TYC.  I'm sure we will have many more historical conversations in the future. Welcome Aboard. 
Although the guests lingered until well after dark, Ralph Padilla did colors at the official sunset time. Dr. Eid noted that he was honored to participate in colors for the first time. Brendan McNally and Pat Lattuca lowered and raised the flags. Activities abound at the TYC for the rest of the month of July. In addition to the weekly Pot Luck Suppers there is a really big Beach Party on this Saturday Night. A live band will play for dancing on the beach. This is a great time for the over 18 set to come to the club and relax with friends.
Please check your emails for further information.
And, the day after the next social, Italian Night, we will have a Teen Dance. Friday, July 19, is the date and the time is 7 to 10 pm. Mike, the DJ, will play dance music for the youngsters.  The ages will be between 10 and 18. There will be fun for all and prizes for competitive dances. I need chaperones for the dance. Please email me soon at
The interest in ping pong has been great this summer. We will have a ping pong tournament during the first week of August. I will also need volunteers for this as well.
And finally, and most importantly, we are having a drive for the brick walkway. The $100 brick allows you to place your name and a message that will be seen by many in the entranceway of the club. I've sold ten this week plus two at the social on Thursday. Please email me at today.
A special thanks to the two Pats for another outstanding Surf and Turf Night and a thanks to our Commodore Phyllis Ibbotson for producing the upcoming Beach Party.
See you there!
Jim Rogers

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