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Welcome to the Tiverton Yacht Club.  We are a small family oriented yacht club on the Sakonnet River in Tiverton, Rhode Island.  If you have a love for the water, for boats and for down to earth friendly people, you have found the right place.  

Tova handed the vase of cut flowers to Polly who placed it on the buffet table in the center of the upstairs function room. Bowls of freshly cut fruits and garden salads along with a pan of home-made pizza were also placed on the navy-blue tablecloth covering the two joined folding tables.  It was nearly six o'clock in the evening when the first guests arrived at the annual TYC Memorial Day Cocktail Party held last Saturday. 

Hosted for over twenty years by Polly Ney, this event is the first social after the Commissioning and kicks off the social season of the club.

"Thanks, Polly, for keeping this traditional event happening," I smiled and kissed her cheek lightly.
"Pat Collins brought me some flowers from her garden. She and Dave had another commitment tonight," Polly said. "On my way here, I stopped at Stu Hardy's home and picked some flowers for that vase near the bar."

"I noticed that this group so far reminds me of some of my high school dances," I pointed outside to the deck. "Most of the men are standing and talking in a group while their spouses are inside sitting around the tables." I laughed.

"They'll be in when they get hungry," Polly smiled. "Or get cold from the stiff south west breeze that came up an hour ago. "

It was a small crowd but a happy crowd as all who attended shared stories of their winter adventures.  Tom and Leslie Ryan spent the winter on their boat that is moored in
Punta Garda, Florida.  During that time, they went on two cruises, one to many Caribbean Islands and the other to Cuba.

"We really enjoyed Cuba," Leslie added. "Just seeing those old cars in such good condition and the historical sites was amazing." She paused and smiled. "We did take home a souvenir - Cuban Rum.'

Kathy Abiri and Mark Hough were sitting at their table listening to Leslie. Kathy added that she and Mark spend time with the Ryans in Florida.

"We didn't spend the whole winter there," Kathy said. "I'm still working but we flew to Florida as often as we could during the winter."

A few weeks ago," Polly began. "I received a text from my daughter, Margo. She was at South Shore Beach."

She then continued to say that Margo and two co-workers from Boston Dynamics drove to Little Compton to do some surfing. 

"I stayed on the beach and watched Margo's three young kids while the adults went surfing," Polly smiled. "These young folks think nothing of driving from Bedford, Mass to spend time on the water."

"The water is still cool," I said.

"They all had wet suits on," Polly answered. "And they had grandma me to watch the kids!" she repeated herself.

Virginia Butterworth drove from her new apartment in Newport to be with her friends. A former Tiverton resident Ginny enjoys her membership at the TYC and also enjoys swimming at our beach, often with me late on a Saturday afternoon.  Tova Ibbotson, our head steward, finished her first year at Brown University. She will also be working there this summer in their School of  Public Health. Tova will be doing a study on alcoholic addiction among Rhode Island teenagers.

Chris Pyne said, with a broad smile, that his boat is ready to be put in the water this week.

"And I'm waiting for my boat," Polly added. "Margo stores my Whaler in her yard all winter and said that she, her husband and the three kids,will deliver it to my dock space soon. "

It was shortly after eight o'clock when the first guests began to say good night. Within a half hour Tova and her mom, Phyllis, had the buffet table cleaned and all the utensils placed in the storage area.

"Thanks, Polly, for another fine Memorial Day party," I said as I prepared to leave. "TYC is fortunate to have dedicated volunteers like you who step up to the plate every year and make a nice party for all members."

Preparations for the summer continue during the early weeks of June.  Sail Training will sponsor a Pancake Breakfast on Sunday, June 2 at noon at the club house.  Check our website for details.  The Pizza Challenge will take place on Friday, June 21. And the pool will be open for this event!  Thursday Night Pot Luck Suppers begin on June 27.  And the pool games for juniors will begin and continue weekly until Labor Day!

See you soon.
Jim Rogers

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