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Welcome to the Tiverton Yacht Club.  We are a small family oriented yacht club on the Sakonnet River in Tiverton, Rhode Island.  If you have a love for the water, for boats and for down to earth friendly people, you have found the right place.  

From 16-month-old Ryle to seniors like me, the TYC was the place to be for fun, food and friendship on this weather perfect Labor Day.

There were two club events going on simultaneously - the Charlie Laroue Memorial Race on Mount Hope Bay and the junior games on the beach.  Pictures from the crew of Dreamer are included below.

"It's a miraculous place", smiled Conley Zani as she walked down the dock. "My kids had a great time in sail training and the Thursday night socials have been great."  She was with her son, Wake who would win two events later in the afternoon, the Big Splash and the Cross-Pool race. This is just one of the many positive comments expressed by over a hundred members who attended this day's events.

I was taught by a pro, Faith Peckham, who gave swimming lessons on our beach for over 20 years prior to the construction of our pool in 1987. She loved her students and started this Labor Day activities as a final end of the season event for the entire TYC community.

For over thirty years I have, with the help of my late wife Dee, and now with many TYC volunteers, to keep this tradition a part of our annual events. The activities of the day were modeled on the agenda that Faith used for many years.

And, today was a good day.

As I carried the hoop into the pool area, children began to line up eager to get a basket and, of course, a prize.  There were 7 participants in both the Big Splash and Little Splash contest. We did two contests in each category. Teresa O'Connor was the judge and the winners were Wake, 13, and Wyatt, 11, in the Big Splash and Cosette, 10, and Olivia, 8, in the little Splash competitions.

Wake beat out six others in the Cross-Pool race.

Four teams of youngsters competed in the Sandcastle Contest. Julia, Brenda and Ruth won with a towering castle surrounded by a mote with salt water. Claire judged the competition.

As the afternoon progressed more TYC members and guests arrived. Most of them enjoyed a cool swim in the pool while several opted for the air conditioned second floor.  Many did venture out to the sack race course on the rear lawn where Cosette was a winner in the first round and Bianca, 8, won the second competition.

There were 16 participants in the Limbo Contests. Bianca, 8, won the first and Kayleigh, 8 also, won the second.

The race course returned to the water side as Teresa O'Connor, resurrected one of Faith's delightful contests. This was the greased watermelon contest where participants would swim to the watermelon and then return it to shore. It was great fun to watch and will be on next year's agenda as well. Ten youngsters participated and were timed.  Finn did it in 17 seconds and Brooke, in 21 seconds, both declared winners.

I hope I am not boring you with this report of today's activities. It is my intent to share the joy and happy expressions on the faces of these TYC youngsters. Their enthusiasm is catchy to me, Callie and all the volunteers who helped with these events. It is an affirmation of the importance of continuing this tradition which gives these youngsters something positive to think about all school year long.

"The next Thursday Night social is June 27, 2019," Callie said. She read from her phone as she knelt next to the treasure chest where golf winners were getting their prizes.

"Before today ends, Callie, "I replied. "We're having our traditional egg throw contest."

Seven pairs of youngsters lined up on the rear lawn. Dan O'Connor handed seven a raw egg and I instructed them how to throw it. There were two games and Abe and Cosette won both while Julia and Brooke came in second.

The crew of the ten boats that participated in the race began to arrive shortly after the games ended at five o'clock.

Karinosa won the race in class A and two Dog was the victor on class B. The complete list is available on our web site.

In the sense of tradition, I brought hundreds of old pictures that I took of TYC activities beginning in the mid-seventies. They were well enjoyed especially the old Labor Day beach pictures which showed over fifty youngsters participating in swim races and the float that featured a large water sled.

Over a hundred members attended the pot luck supper that followed. It was a happy time that was filled with melancholy. The talk of the good summer enjoyed by all here at the TYC was mixed with a feeling of sadness as so many would now focus on more time with family, work of charitable activities.  Although there will be TYC activities throughout the off season, many members cannot always participate.

"Thank you for a good summer, Mr. Rogers," both Brooke and Aubrey said. They gave me warm hugs as did several others before they walked down the stairs.

"Do well in school," I choked up. "Be nice to your parents, your friends and teachers. See you next summer, God willing." It was especially hard to say goodbye to Cosette, 10, who still remembers how Dee treated her so well as a youngster. Her dad is a distinguished professor at MIT.

"25 years this year," Chris smiled as he left the clubhouse.

Members trickled slowly down the stairs as the darkness robbed the sky of the last beams of sun light.   Several adults stayed on the second-floor deck while Claire, the steward cleaned the bottom floor. Callie gave me a hug as she left.

"See you tomorrow," She said. "I don't start school until Monday."

"I'm almost done,' Claire said. She stopped. "I'm really going to miss you." She gave me a long hug.  "We had so many good and important conversations about important things in life."

"And, God willing, "I replied. "we'll have more talks next summer."

A special thank you to Callie, Teresa and Dan O'Connor and to all the TYC members and friends who have made today and every Thursday Night a
joy and happy occasion.

We are a family, a summer TYC family where love and friendship is nourished and to be enjoyed throughout all seasons.

Stay tuned for Important email notices about socials that Lori has planned for the off season. And, watch for an upcoming email concerning a pool schedule for this
hot, hot week.

The Annual Meeting of the TYC will be held on Monday, October 1, 2018 at 8 pm. Directors will recap the highlights of this summer and give  plans for the summer of ’19.  Refreshments will be served.

Hope to see you there!


Jim Rogers

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