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Welcome to the Tiverton Yacht Club.  We are a small family oriented yacht club on the Sakonnet River in Tiverton, Rhode Island.  If you have a love for the water, for boats and for down to earth friendly people, you have found the right place.  

The music was classic. The tunes were catchy, "why must I be a teenager in love." The sounds of the hits of the Beach Boys permeated the air as over 175 members and guests celebrated California Cuisine at the TYC last night.

"This is the largest crowd of the summer so far," I said to Callie who was writing down the names of the large selection of foods on the table.          

"I love the Hawaiian flowers on the tablecloths," Callie replied. "And the large surfboard standing near the front doorway."          

A few guests with their paper plates filled with food passed us singing Good Vibrations as it played from the loud speakers.            

"It's so nice to see everyone happy," said Melissa Lorusso, the co-chair of the evening's activities. Melissa and Lee Costa, the co-chairs, made the club look like a southern California beach resort complete with posters of tropical trees and surfboards. Colorful paper lanterns hung from the ceiling over the buffet table.          

And on that table, there was a large assortment of salads, fresh green, cobb and seafood. Many delicacies feature Mexican food such as taco dishes. Two large pans of homemade Ziti were near five boxes of pizzas.          

The dessert table features homemade brownies (I was too late to get one), cupcakes and the most popular chocolate bomb tart. Some of the desserts were placed in replicas of the old Woodie station wagons.          

While all this was going on downstairs, the second part of the party was occurring on the second floor. This was the wine tasting party.          

Wine compliments many dinners and since this was a California themed party it was only proper to allow guests to taste some California wines.          

A selection of ten California wines, white, red or rose, was located on a round table surrounded by plastic wine glasses. Throughout the evening many guests sampled the wines. Tonight, the most popular was the rose but by eight o'clock all the bottles were empty!          

It was a party atmosphere through the night whether inside or outside. Many guests spread blankets on the lawn, enjoyed the rays of the low sun on the picnic benches or sat on the tall tables on the deck that gave ample view of the few boats sailing in the Tiverton basin.          

Several kids shot hoops in the pool where Ally, 11, won the cross pool race. She also won the Big Splash and Liliana, 4, won the Little Splash. Eleven-year-old, Sophie, did the straightest handstand of the night.          

Ralph Padilla shot off the cannon at sunset. Pat Latucca and Rich Chew lowered and raised the flag as part of the colors ceremony performed at yacht clubs.          

But no one wanted to go home!          

Each guest was enjoying the friendship of the other members. Groups of individuals could be heard talking about the preparation for getting their children to college. Many lamented about the separation of their child from their home to a new environment. Some were happy that their offspring were going to a nearby college, Owen is only at URI, his mom, Joann, said: Tova's at Brown, thirty minutes away, Phyllis said: Amelia's at Connecticut College, a short ride, Lori mused.          

But, Jane, our favorite lifeguard, left today for the University of Vermont, a much longer drive from here. Claire told me that Jane stopped here last night to see me before she left. I missed her as I went shopping in Newport for my 18-month-old grandson, Sam, after my evening swim.          

Teresa Ryan spoke happily about the 13 day cruise she and her husband, Jim, were taking in October. They will cruise down the Rhine and spend a few days in Paris. Polly Ney will be here next week but not on Labor Day. She is going to her nephew's wedding in a small-town way, way up in Vermont.

Labor Day is fast approaching and so are the plans for an exciting day for all. An array of activities for all Junior Members will begin with Pool Games at 2:30 pm. A flyer will be emailed next week detailing the annual events. The Charlie Laroue Memorial Race will also take place. After 5 pm a pot luck supper will begin where all race and beach participants may enjoy a special time to relive the good memories of a TYC summer.          

The party continues next Thursday here at the TYC. The theme of the night is the great Chowder Cookoff. This certainly will challenge members to make the perfect chowder to showcase on the buffet table. My preference is creamy chowder, how about yours?          

Thanks for a great night!          

Jim Rogers

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