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Welcome to the Tiverton Yacht Club.  We are a small family oriented yacht club on the Sakonnet River in Tiverton, Rhode Island.  If you have a love for the water, for boats and for down to earth friendly people, you have found the right place.  

We should be mindful of the history of the TYC, keep it accessible for all local residents and maintain the good sail training program and friendly social events which bring all members together. These were some of the comments made by TYC college students tonight at the annual College Sendoff Party.

For almost two hours a group of seven college students sat outside the first floor of the clubhouse discussing their summer activities and sharing stories of their college activities.

Those present included Amelia Boivin who will be attending Connecticut College as a freshman, Owen Reuther, a sophomore at the University of Rhode Island, Tova Ibbotson, a freshman at Brown University.

Her friend, Josh, also a freshman at Brown University accompanied Tova to tonight's event.

Maeve Ennis, a junior at the University of New Hampshire sat across from Ian Rashleigh McNally who is also a junior but at Bates College in Maine.

Claire Larouche who was working tonight as a steward also joined the discussion on her break. She is a senior at Stang High School hopes to attend Fordham University.

Four of these guest tonight are current Sail Training Instructors. They are Owen, Amelia, Ian and Maeve. Each has been employed here for over five years. Tova is the head steward.

I would like to recognize Owen for his leadership role on my behalf. He spread the word for tonight's event, gathered youngsters for the Talent Show and promoted the Teen Dance. In his spare time during his workday at the TYC Owen gets the youngsters to pick up beach trash and even pick up debris from our neighbor's beach. 

A spirited game of Scrabble caught the attention of all.  The guests used this time also to discuss the changes in the club during the past few years. All welcomed and liked the new clubhouse but expressed nostalgia about the friendships that developed while the club spend a dozen years existing under the huge tent.

During the game, I heard Tova say, oh no. I looked toward the stairs and saw three male teens, dressed in shorts and white tees, walking toward us. Tova introduced them as her high school classmates.  They had been diving off of the pier north of the club when Tova and Josh were walking on the TYC dock. Tova invited them and they came and joined our discussion. It was more their input into the Scrabble game.

It was my pleasure to sit with these young people tonight.   They were well mannered and spoke like the young adults that they are. They responded to my questions and offered only positive comments on the current condition of the TYC and also how they would like to see the club in the future.

While they were open to new programs, they did not want to see the club change into an elitist club. The club should be for all and our sailing and social programs should be for all. They repeated how the friendship that developed between each of them is very meaningful and, because of the TYC, will endure for many years.

I reminded them that they are the future leaders of the TYC if their professional careers keep them in this area. I also reminded them that I am now 76 years old and might only have 15 more years to continue in my TYC positions. After a good laugh, they responded favorable that they were willing to continue our programs and the good reputation that the TYC has in this communication.

During the evening, Pat Collins, who was hosting a Book Club upstairs, brought down homemade cupcakes and cookies for all to enjoy.

As we were leaving about 9 pm asked Tova more about her three pier jumpers. She replied that two were going to WPI in Worcester and one at CCRI.

"And" Tova smiled. "They belong to the Sakonnet Yacht Club."

Don't forget, Thursday is Bon Appetit Night. Please bring your favorite recipes for this event!

Special thanks to our college students, the next generation of TYC leaders!

Jim Rogers

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